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Video: Matt Hardy Talks About Creating The Broken Matt Hardy Character

During a recent interview with the folks at, TNA’s Matt Hardy spoke about creating his popular “Broken Matt Hardy” character.

Regarding the character, which has enjoyed success this year in TNA, including Thursday’s special Total Nonstop Deletion episode from “The Hardy Compound” in Matt’s hometown of Cameron, North Carolina, Hardy said, “Once my broken brilliance had manifested and I started doing different things at the compound or things like the Final Deletion. My initial goal was not really cater to the hardcore wrestling fans or the smarter wrestling fans.”

Hardy continued, “It was to cater to casual wrestling fans Hopefully they would see something that would capture their attention. And fortunately it has worked. There are alot of people that are now fans of the broken universe that weren’t even necessarily wrestling fans to begin with. It has been woven into pop culture in many ways. So yes I was aiming for the casual fan.”

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