Vince McMahon Against Putting Sasha vs. Charlotte as HIAC Main Event

– As has been reported over the past week or two, there is ongoing internal discussion on which Hell in a Cell match will be the “main event” and go on last. Reportedly, the creative team is pretty much united in wanting it to be the final match on the card as they feel it will help portrary that women can be main eventers while also elevating the status of Sasha Banks, Charlotte and the rest of the company’s women talent.

– Triple H is also apparently backing the creative writers in wanting the women’s match last, but it is said to be Vince McMahon who is not sold on it. McMahon is “digging his heels” on this and as of earlier this week, the belief was that he would get his way and that it wouldn’t be the main event. However, as history has shown, Vince changes his mind – a lot – so nothing is final.

– One un-named source even went so far as to state that Vince, while he makes all the decisions, is the person who least understands things that are not internal and the challenge for everyone, including Triple H, is to try and respectfully change his mind.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Subscription information available at

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