Vince McMahon: Goldberg Not Responsible For WWE’s WrestleMania Momentum

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon took part in a conference call this morning to discuss the company’s fourth quarter earnings results. McMahon commented on WWE’s momentum leading into April 2nd’s WrestleMania pay-per-view and compared this year’s WrestleMania push to last year’s.

A caller told Vince he feels this year’s WrestleMania has more interest than last year’s, and pointed to the majority of WWE’s roster being healthy and Goldberg being back. McMahon seemed to disagree with his point about Goldberg, and told the caller he doesn’t believe there’s one talent that makes the “big wheel keep on turning.” Vince agreed that there is “more momentum” this year, but feels it’s a result of the execution of WWE’s storylines and shifts in momentum between pay-per-views.

McMahon also agreed with the caller’s first point, and partly credited the momentum with the company having less injuries on their roster now than during last year’s WrestleMania season.

  • Discussion: Do you have more interest in this year’s WrestleMania than last year’s? Comment with your thoughts below!

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