Vince McMahon No Longer Involved in Any Aspect of WWE’s Business

— Even though Vince McMahon has officially retired from WWE, there has been skepticism on whether he is still secretly involved with WWE behind the scenes, either from a business standpoint or more likely, a creative one. reports that McMahon is gone completely and his only involvement with WWE is that he remains as the majority owner of company stock. McMahon has not been at WWE headquarters in Stamford since his announcement, nor has he been involved in any meetings or communication. Vince has also been removed from WWE’s corporate website and leadership team as well as the internal list which had him down as a temporary TV performer. The report adds that backstage many have wondered if McMahon still has access to WWE’s gym at the Stamford offices but no one has seen or heard him physically going there.

— McMahon is also not involved behind the scenes as it would be illegal for him to remain in that position as it would lead to criminal proceedings if that was later revealed to be the case. In the past WWE was a family run company and it would have been easier for him to remain involved, but with the company now public and its current structure of co-CEO Nick Khan and the Board of Directors, it would be impossible for McMahon to continue to contribute to WWE’s business dealings.

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