Vince McMahon No Longer Leading Creative; More on Lesnar Walking Out of WWE Smackdown

— With Vince McMahon retiring from his position as CEO and Chairman effectively immediately, there were some questions on whether he would also be stepping down from his role as head of creative. According to WWE sources, McMahon is retiring from all of his current roles which would mean creative decisions will no longer funnel through him. Bruce Prichard is expected to assume his responsibilities there.

— Brock Lesnar walked out of Friday’s WWE Smackdown after learning of Vince McMahon’s departure and subsequent message to the talent. Lesnar was reportedly featured in multiple segments through Smackdown and the show had to be redone to write him out of all of his segments. WWE officials contacted him and attempted to smooth things over and they were obviously successful as Lesnar was brought back for the end of the show.

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