Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon Reportedly Has Changed His Work Routine Since Returning to WWE

— Vince McMahon is back in control of WWE and while many expect things to go “back to normal”, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that this isn’t the case and the Vince of today and the Vince of before has been drastically different. Not only has McMahon not been at any creative meetings, he hasn’t been backstage at any TV shows and wasn’t even on the investor’s conference call where company executives reviewed last year’s financial results.

— While Vince has been at WWE’s offices since his return, those with knowledge say that he leaves work at a “normal time” now as the old Vince would often linger around working until very late at night, especially on days that required him to review creative. The report adds that since returning, Vince has been strictly involved in work related to the sale of the company as he had initially suggested he would do.

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