Vince McMahon Said to be Joking Around Backstage; More Notes From Tonight’s WWE Smackdown

— Below are some news & notes from tonight’s WWE Friday Night Smackdown, as reported originally by

  • Vince McMahon arrived at the venue earlier this afternoon but was said to be acting completely normal and even “joking around” during the production meeting. He was said to not be “selling anything at all” and reportedly was in a “great mood” considering the circumstances surrounding him.
  • There was nothing addressed by McMahon regarding the allegations even though some expected that he would discuss the situation with the talent in a pre-show meeting. While it could still have happened, as of 2 PM ET, he had not said anything.
  • The production meetings were described by multiple people as “weird” given the obvious “elephant in the room” and the uncertainty surrounding Vince’s future and what other details will be uncovered with the ongoing investigation. Some people are left wondering how many of these side “hush agreements” he had in place and how many are still unaccounted for but obviously no one is asking Vince about it.
  • Also during the production meetings, there was no mention at all of Vince McMahon’s advertised segment, let alone what he will be saying. It was almost as if the segment wasn’t even going to be part of the show and as reported earlier, it is believed many people are trying to convince McMahon to abandon plans of coming on camera. So whether that is the case and the segment may not happen or if officials are keeping the details close to the vest to prevent any leaks is unknown. As noted earlier today, the script for the show was already torn up earlier in the day.
  • John Laurinaitis, who was also named in the investigation, is not backstage at Smackdown tonight and his future with the company is completely up in the air.

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