Vince McMahon Sends Backstage Memo To Talent

Vince McMahon Sends Memo Telling WWE Talent They Have 30 Days To End “Third-Party Relationships”

It’s about to be a dictatorship in WWE in terms of its’ talent using social media and other “third party platforms” as a way to generate some supplemental income, which is sorely-needed for many during the ongoing global pandemic.

Multiple sources are reporting that WWE has given all its talents 30 days to end any relationships with outside “third parties” when using their “name and likeness” in ways that are “detrimental” to the company.

Those who have engaged with talents directly note that it is completely unclear what “third party” constitutes or specifically what is allowed and what isn’t as many performers use such services as YouTube, Cameo, Twitch and others to engage and interact with their fans.

It is believed that more details will be provided by WWE within the next week.

Some talent have noted that they are using those platforms as a way to make extra income in light of the ongoing pandemic and WWE halting live events indefinitely and perhaps permanently as they no longer able to earn bonuses associated with those events and are also taking a hit on merchandise that would normally be sold at the shows.

Vince McMahon reportedly sent out a memo last weekend noting that WWE not only owns the talents’ character names, but also their real names and it’s especially important to stop associating with the third parties as the company tries to “re-invent” itself and enter the “next phase of growth.”

McMahon noted the 30-day grace period in which wrestlers have time to discontinue those offerings while threatening that continued engagement could result in fines, suspensions or even termination.

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