Vince McMahon Wants to Return to WWE But Almost Everyone Doesn’t Want Him Back

— The Wall Street Journal dropped an article today about Vince McMahon’s ongoing legal woes with two more women accusing him of sexual assault and seeking monetary damages. Perhaps even more shocking was a piece in the article suggesting that Vince McMahon is looking to make a comeback to WWE as he felt that stepping down was an action he took based on bad advice from those close to him. has a followup report with the backstage reaction to Vince’s goals of coming back and well, it doesn’t appear as if those feelings are reciprocated.

— One WWE higher-up wasn’t that concerned about Vince’s chances of coming back, noting that “it would be a really selfish move for Vince to come back under any circumstances. The reason he left, how business has done since then — it’d be really selfish. But selfish activities are what led to him leaving in the first place.” This person didn’t feel like Vince was going to be back pointing out that since his departure, viewership and the company’s stock price have both increased and backstage morale is at the highest it has been in years.

— Another source felt that if Vince wants to make a return, he will be strongly discouraged by his own family to stay retired as returning to the company would do “irreparable damage to the brand” and that WWE’s strong performance without him has proved without a doubt that the company would not only not collapse, but thrive.

— One WWE talent felt the news of McMahon is “exhausting” and despite having a previous positive relationship with Vince, was hopeful that he wouldn’t be back. Another talent said if McMahon came back, it would be concerning for those that were re-hired in Vince’s absence. Ultimately, the overwhelming consensus opinion backstage is that Vince is not wanted back.

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