Vince Russo Criticizes Tony Khan Over Recent Comments

On the latest edition of Writing With Russo, long time wrestling personality Vince Russo shared his opinion on recent Tony Khan comments.

After the Wednesday Night Wars came to a close, AEW Dynamite eclipsed over 1 million viewers for two straight weeks. Tony Khan has been very outwardly happy about the ratings, leading to Vince Russo explaining why he would never “gloat”. Russo said:

“Whatever platform I wrote, whether it was TNA, WWE, WCW, it didn’t matter, bro. I never, ever, ever gloated about a single rating. And bro, here’s the reason why, you know, Chris, you will learn with me; I’m a very logical guy. Here is the reason why, bro, when you gloat about a good rating, okay? You’re doing this to yourself, right here, I’m bringing out the red Italian horn again. Bro, when you gloat about a good rating, you’ve got to take into consideration, well, ‘If I gloat about this and then next week the rating is down, I’m going to look like an absolute idiot. You don’t gloat about a good rating. I never did, bro. You can go check my track history, never.”

Russo continued to speak about All Elite Wrestling, and mentioned why he believes the show isn’t drawing in new viewers. Vince told listeners:

“People sample the product just like they sample; you may have had core NXT fans that never watched AEW, now it’s on a different night… you better grab them because you have one time to grab them, and bro, if you don’t grab them immediately, they are going to be gone. That’s why I said, when they did the 1.2, I said, ‘Guys, you’re going to go back below a million. You are not grabbing the new people that are viewing the show,’ but bro, that’s why.”

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)

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