Vince Russo Criticizes WWE For Not Getting Becky Lynch Back On Raw

After last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Vince Russo shared his thoughts on the show, in the latest edition of Legion of Raw.

During his conversation with Dr. Chris Featherstone, Russo discussed the status of Becky Lynch. Vince expressed his unhappiness with her absence on Raw, and told listeners:

“This is the night the fans are coming back; that’s what this show should have been,” Russo explained, “That’s why Chris, I was 1000% sure they are going to save this show because they are going to bring Becky out at the end. And that’s all people are going to remember. I was 1000%, ‘Okay, okay, all this stuff is going to get a pass, Becky is going to come out at the end, she is going to get her big pop, and we are going to go off hot.’ And when we didn’t get that, I was like, ‘Man, you guys; I don’t even know what to tell you anymore, man. I don’t even know what to say.’ You now have this match at the end, Rhea Ripley and Charlotte. That made you think she is coming at the end, right.”

Lynch took to Twitter to explain why she didn’t appear on Raw, and also threw shade at the rest of the women’s division. Check out her tweet below:

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