Vince Russo Questions Whether CM Punk, Daniel Bryan Joining AEW Will Be A “Game Changer”

Over the last week, dozens of wrestling news outlets have reported that Daniel Bryan has signed with AEW. CM Punk has also been thrown into the mix, and has reportedly began to negotiate with the promotion.

During the latest episode of Writing With Russo, Former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo questioned whether CM Punk and Daniel Bryan signing with AEW would benefit the brand. Check out his comments below.

On his idea of a “game changer” in wrestling:

“I respect the heck out of Raj and I like him a lot but I’m trying to understand, What do we mean by game-changer? To me when you’re talking about a game-changer in wrestling, you’re talking about WWE, WCW, Hall, Nash, Hogan [hand signal implying that Hogan changed the game]. Okay, now, WCW jumps WWE. That’s a game-changer. Hall and Nash, Hogan joining nWo… game-changer.”

On weekly viewership and ratings:

“If a million people are watching AEW, bro, even if Daniel Bryan and CM Punk drew another 250,000 people out of nowhere, is one million to 1.2 million, is that a game-changer? I keep hearing game-changer, game-changer, game-changer. And, Chris, I’m really trying to understand, what do they mean by that.”

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