Vince Russo Reveals How Linda McMahon Helped Him Into WWE

Long time wrestling personality Vince Russo recently spoke to That 90’ Wrestling Podcast, where he opened up on the way he entered the pro wrestling world.

Before Russo started working for WWE, Vince owned two video rental stores, which were eventually put out of business by Blockbuster. Russo explained what happened after that, and told listeners:

“I needed a job. Like I said, I had a wife, I had a couple of kids and I needed a job. Somebody by the name of John Arezzi who had a wrestling radio show came into my video store and asked if I wanted to do some advertising. That’s where I made the connection into wrestling because quite frankly, I was looking for another career path. I started with Arezzi and we went our separate ways and I started doing my own radio show and again, I was trying to build something for a second career.”

Vince continued, and explained how a letter to Linda McMahon helped him get a foot in the door. Russo said:

“The radio show I was doing. Vicious Vincent’s World of Wrestling, I was paying for the airtime and I literally was running out of money so I just wrote Linda McMahon a letter and I said my name is Vince Russo and this is what I’ve been doing, this is my background and I would love any kind of an opportunity. I had no idea Linda oversaw the magazine but sure enough, Linda McMahon herself called me and then hooked me up with the editor of the magazine.”

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)

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