Vince Russo On Rhea Ripley Raw Promo: “Clearly Reading Off Cue Cards”

Vince Russo is at it again. The former WWE creative team member hopped on the air to discuss the most recent episode of Raw, and he talked about a new champion.

Rhea Ripley made Asuka feel her brutality at WrestleMania, and defeated “The Empress of Tomorrow” to become the new Raw Women’s Champion. On last night’s episode of WWE’s flagship show, Rhea cut a promo about her big win.

Russo took to his Legion of Raw podcast, and shared his opinion of the promo. Vince told listeners:

“Rhea Ripley cut a promo after this, clearly reading off cue cards. Clearly. Bro, she never once looked at the interviewer, she was clearly looking at somebody holding up cue cards. How do you get to this level and you’ve got to read a promo off of cue cards? This absolutely positively blew me away… Who knows if a part of that may be confidence because the reason I’m bringing that up is if you’re reading a promo off of cue cards, that is telling me that they have little confidence in you, and remember that Rhea Ripley was around for a cup of coffee the first time and she got sent back so she is probably really feeling the pressure right now and that’s not good. If you feel the pressure, you are going to fail so and like I said, watching her read that promo… oy vey.”

Vince continued to talk about the former NXT and NXT UK Women’s Champion, and the way she was booked during last nights episode of Raw. Russo stated:

“Come on. Rhea Ripley won it on Saturday and we’re going to give it to Asuka tonight? Absolutely not going to happen so what happens in this match is Charlotte comes out and lays out both competitors. I guess they throw this match out so nobody goes over. So again, just another waste of our time”.

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(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)

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