Cody Rhodes interview highlights

Warn Bros. Discovery Tried to Get Cody Rhodes to Stay With AEW

– Cody Rhodes joined WWE shortly before WrestleMania and a report has more details on his exit from AEW, specifically the attempts that were made to retain him. Warner Bros Discover sources note that “several efforts” were made within their company to keep Cody in AEW as they had developed a good relationship after working with him for “Rhodes to the Top” and “Go Big Show” and would have loved for him to stay. When a high ranking official with TNT/TBS reached out to Rhodes to gauge his interest in saying, Cody told him that it was simply “time to leave the territory” with no ill feelings on either side.

– As for Brandi Rhodes, while she worked in at least one match for WWE at the Performance Center, she remains unsigned by the company and technically a free agent. She has not had any contact with AEW since leaving with Cody, but Warner Brothers Discovery did reach out to her last month, though it’s unknown what the subject of the interaction was about. The relationship between the two sides is said to be “cordial.”

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