Jake "The Snake" Roberts Makes AEW Dynamite Debut In Broomfield

WATCH: Jake “The Snake” Roberts Confronts, Trashes Cody In AEW Dynamite Debut (Video)

Another WWE Hall Of Fame legend made his All Elite Wrestling debut on the post-AEW Revolution episode of AEW Dynamite.

During this week’s edition of the weekly AEW television broadcast, pro wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts made his AEW debut.

Roberts came out to interrupt Cody’s promo addressing his loss to MJF at the aforementioned AEW Revolution PPV from this past Saturday night at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

Unfortunately for Cody, Roberts explained that he didn’t come to make friends with the AEW wrestler and executive, but instead to take just his piece of the AEW pie.

Featured below is a recap of the segment from this week’s AEW Dynamite from the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, Colorado, as well as video footage released via official AEW social media outlets.

Cody Makes His Way Out To The Ring

From there, J.R. takes us to a video recap showing highlights of the Cody vs. MJF match from this past Saturday night’s AEW Revolution PPV.

After the video package we return live in the arena where Cody’s music hits and out he comes. As he continues making his way to the ring, the announcers kick it to another commercial break.

We return from the break to see Cody still getting a standing ovation from the fans in Broomfield. He begins his promo talking about what it feels like to come up short against MJF at AEW Revolution.

Cody then goes on to talk about what it’s like to go from wanting to be a pro wrestler his whole life. He continues talking about the journey of a wrestler and then what he went through to get the match with MJF, including getting whipped.

He says he can only live with himself if one thing happens. If MJF comes out right now and says to him face-to-face, eye-to-eye that he beat him fair-and-square at AEW Revolution.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts Makes His Way To AEW

Some music immediately hits, but it isn’t MJF’s. It’s a WWE Hall of Fame legends AEW theme, as out walks Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Roberts gets a legends reaction from the AEW Broomfield audience and then when his music fades, he talks about being sick of listening to Cody bitch and complain. He says he needs to accept that he simply got his ass kicked.

Jake says he isn’t here to praise Cody, he’s here to slay him. He says the only reason he is here is because he is a client. He says the dark side is coming to AEW. He says it’s been 20 years for him to get clean and get right and by god he earned it. He says he isn’t going to be a nice boy and play right.

He goes on to talk about playing mind games over the years, explaining the psychology behind the reason he carried a snake in a sack to the ring with him. He gets back to Cody and tells him he can bring his one-trick pony Arn Anderson with him. Jake keeps bringing up old Ceaser. He says he’s not in AEW to take the whole pie — just Cody’s share.

Jake said a wise man once told him to never turn his back on someone you respect, or someone you’re afraid of. He then turns around and throws the mic over his head, literally turning his back and walking away from Cody.

For those who missed the post-AEW Revolution edition of the weekly All Elite Wrestling broadcast, check out our detailed AEW Dynamite Results From 1STBANK Center In Broomfield, Colorado (March 4, 2020).


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