"Stories With Brisco & Bradshaw"

WATCH: JBL Shares Interesting Story About Vader’s Last WWE Match On “Stories With Brisco & Bradshaw” (VIDEO)

WWE Hall of Famer JBL spoke about his 1998 Falls Count Anywhere match with legendary big man Vader on the latest episode of his Stories With Brisco and Bradshaw series. The former world champion recalls Vader telling him he’s going to give him his all, and that his victory will mean something.

He told me before the match, “Today, you’re going to get the old Vader. I’m going to come out smoking. When you beat somebody today, you’re going to beat somebody. I’m going to leave on the right note.” I always thought that was pretty cool.

The bout would be Vader’s final WWE pay per view. Listen to JBL’s full comments below.

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