Matt Hardy Teases Move To NXT

WATCH: Matt Hardy Teases Jump To NXT In Latest Cryptic Tweet (Video)

It looks like Matt Hardy is teasing a move to NXT.

In the latest cryptic tweet shared on his official Twitter feed, “The Broken One” teased a potential move to WWE’s black-and-gold brand.

“With a hand of days remaining, nothing is yet written in stone,” wrote Hardy via his official Twitter page on Tuesday evening. “Every major player is currently on the board, everyone’s at the table.”

From there, the WWE veteran made the NXT tease, capitalizing the letters “N,” “X” and “T” when finishing his Twitter statement with the word “NeXT.”

“I must rePROCURE,” he continued. “I must be RESURRECTED. I must seek out my ARCADIA. Then what’s NeXT?”

Check out Matt Hardy’s latest cryptic tweet below.

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