Matt Riddle #SpeakingOut Update

WATCH: Matt Riddle Admits Relationship With #SpeakingOut Accuser, Denies Sexual Misconduct Claims

Matt Riddle released a video on Twitter addressing sexual assault claims from indie wrestler Candy Cartwright, who detailed an incident in which she claims Riddle sexually assaulted her in a moving van with other wrestlers asleep in their presence.

In the video, Riddle admits that he was in a relationship with Cartwright and was cheating on his wife, but it caused him to become depressed at having to continually lie so he tried to end it and blocked Cartwright on social media.

However, he claims that she continually would get in contact with him, he had to change his number and she ended up getting his new number further stalking him.

He also said that Cartwright did not want the relationship to end, is upset that he ended it and is now using the #SpeakingOut movement to try and ruin his career.

Check out the video released by Matt Riddle via his official Twitter feed below.


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