Mr. Brodie Lee Wins TNT Title (VIDEO)

WATCH: Mr. Brodie Lee Defeats & Injures Cody In Quick Squash Match On AEW Dynamite To Win TNT Title (VIDEO)

A new TNT Champion stands tall in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) following this week’s special AEW Saturday Night Dynamite show.

The weekly AEW on TNT program aired on a special night and at a special time due to the NBA Playoffs on TNT, and it culminated with a big title change to end the evening.

The main event of the Saturday, August 22, 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite saw “The Exalted One” of The Dark Order — Mr. Brodie Lee — defeat “The American Nightmare” Cody in what amounted to a squash match victory, injuring the AEW EVP and becoming the new TNT Champion in the process.

For those who didn’t see this week’s show, featured below is the complete match recap from our AEW Saturday Night Dynamite Results From Jacksonville, FL. (8/22/2020) here at


TNT Championship
Mr. Brodie Lee vs. Cody (c)

We’re back from the break and immediately “The Exalted One” of The Dark Order — Mr. Brodie Lee makes his way down to the ring for tonight’s advertised AEW Saturday Night Dynamite main event.

Out next is the TNT Champion himself, “The American Nightmare” Cody. The reigning, defending TNT Champion comes out accompanied by Arn Anderson. Our main event is up next.

Cody’s music wraps up and now the ring announcer, Justin Roberts, does the formal pre-match introductions for each competitor in this TNT Championship main event.

As the bell sounds to officially start the match, “The American Nightmare” sprints across the ring with a big kick to Brodie Lee, as he looks to gain a quick offensive advantage over arguably his toughest TNT Championship challenger to date.

Cody’s attempt at establishing an early offensive advantage completely backfires, however, as Lee turns the tide quickly. All Cody did was piss off “The Exalted One,” as Taz points out on commentary. Immediately the announce team are strongly selling the fact that Lee has hurt the arm of Cody, which “The American Nightmare” immediately begins selling to establish the arm injury.

Lee knocks Cody out to the floor with authority and then knocks him over the guard rail once the action gets going outside of the ring. “The Exalted One” finally brings Cody back into the ring where he continues to deliver more punishment. All-the-while, the announcers repeatedly bring up Cody’s injured arm, and the camera shots continue to show close-ups of the arm issues.

Mr. Brodie Lee with a huge power bomb and then his discus lariat. He flattens “The American Nightmare” and covers him. 1-2-3. Mr. Brodie Lee essentially just ended Cody’s TNT Championship reign in squash match fashion. Wow. We see highlights which a shocked AEW Dynamite announce team narrate while still sounding like they are in complete disbelief.

Winner and NEW TNT Champion: Mr. Brodie Lee

After The Match: The Dark Order Begin Hostile Takeover Of AEW

The Dark Order members all come out and fill up the ring, celebrating as Mr. Brodie Lee poses with the newly designed, final version of the TNT Championship, which is now owned by The Dark Order.

Tony Schiavone enters the ring to interview the new TNT Champion. Mr. Brodie Lee talks about everyone having to deal with the monster they created. He talks about being held down for so long.

Meanwhile, while all of the gloating from Mr. Brodie Lee is going on, several AEW officials fill the ring, as does Arn Anderson, to tend to Cody. J.R. and Taz quickly change focus on commentary from Mr. Brodie Lee’s post-match interview, to Cody, who is now being loaded up on a stretcher and taken out of the ring. The camera pans in on Cody as he is stretchered to the top of the stage, where he struggles to give a thumbs up to the fans.

As they reach the entrance tunnel, Arn Anderson turns around to notice that all of the members of The Dark Order are lined up on the entrance ramp. Anderson tries throwing hands with them, but is quickly out-matched. The Dark Order start a savage attack on the pro wrestling legend before new TNT Champion Mr. Brodie Lee grabs Cody and slams him off the stretcher. Cody, who is wearing a neck brace and has his arm clutched to his body, is beaten down by Mr. Brodie Lee while the announcers talk in their somber serious voices.

Finally, with Anderson and Cody laid out, Mr. Brodie Lee orders his fellow Dark Order members to line-up and pose in front of them. We see Brandi Rhodes run through the wall of Dark Order members to check on Cody and Arn, when all of a sudden Anna Jay emerges through the Dark Order bodies. She grabs Brandi from behind and slaps a choke on her. She then relinquishes the choke and flashes a sadistic smirk to the cameras before posing with all of the Dark Order members.

Mr. Brodie Lee proudly raises his TNT Championship before leading his fellow Dark Order members to the back. The camera shows close-ups of Cody, Arn Anderson and Brandi Rhodes all laid out as the special AEW Saturday Night Dynamite broadcast goes off the air.

Watch video highlights below of Mr. Brodie Lee defeating Cody Rhodes to win the TNT Championship on AEW Saturday Night Dynamite.


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