Mustafa Ali

WATCH: Mustafa Ali Surfaces With Explanation For Names Of Each RETRIBUTION Member (VIDEO)

— Mustafa Ali released a new video earlier this afternoon seemingly to explain the names of the other members of Retribution, which has come under both heavy ridicule and criticism. Ali claims that he gave them those names (and masks) so that they can feel how he has felt, being mocked for his name and his looks, and to see the world how he has seen it.

“I want you to imagine something. I want you to imagine being judged because of your name. I want you to imagine being mocked because of how you look. Now I want you to imagine a man named Mustafa Ali, that has given names and masks to members of RETRIBUTION so that they too can know how he feels. So that they too can be judged because of their names; they too can be mocked because of how they look. And they too can see the world the way he sees it. Imagine that.”

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