Seth Rollins Explains Origins Of "The Stomp" And Why It Went Away For 2 Years (Video)

WATCH: Seth Rollins Details Origins Of “The Stomp” & Explains Why It Went Away For 2 Years (Video)

WWE returned with the latest edition of their WWE On FOX digital series “The Story Of” on Friday, featuring Seth Rollins detailing the origins of his finishing move, “The Stomp,” and why it was temporarily banned from WWE.

The official WWE On FOX YouTube channel released a video titled The Story Of: Seth Rollins on the origin of ‘The Stomp’ | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX this afternoon featuring a special bonus excerpt from the weekly WWE On FS1 series with “The Architect” talking about the history of his popular finishing move.

“In this edition of ‘The Story Of’, Seth Rollins walks us through how he came up with his famous finisher, The Stomp,” reads the official description. “[He also explains] why it went away for almost 2 years.”

Check out the complete WWE “The Story Of: The Stomp” video from the WWE On FOX YouTube channel below.

Additionally, here are some links to other recent installments of WWE’s “The Story Of” digital series:

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