WATCH: “The Final Words Of Antonio Inoki” (Video)

Prior to his passing on Saturday, Japanese pro wrestling and pop-culture icon and WWE Hall of Fame legend Antonio Inoki left fans with his “final words” in a special video that was released on the same day.

As noted, the NJPW founder and along with Muhammad Ali, the other-half of what is largely considered the first high-profile international mixed martial arts fight, passed away at age 79.

Prior to his passing, Inoki recorded a special video on September 21 or September 22, which was later released after his passing a little over a week later via his official YouTube channel and re-posted by an additional Puroresu with Subtitles channel for English-speaking fans.

The video is dubbed, “The Final Words of Antonio Inoki,” and can be seen in its’ entirety via the YouTube player embedded below.

Rest in peace to one of the biggest pro wrestling legends of all-time, Antonio Inoki.

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