Tony Khan AEW ALL OUT 2020 Post-Show Media Scrum Video Archive

WATCH: Tony Khan Post-AEW ALL OUT Media Scrum: Matt Hardy Update, Mocking WWE’s Third-Party Rule (VIDEO)

AEW President Tony Khan hung around after the ALL OUT 2020 pay-per-view on Saturday night at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida to speak with media members on a post-show media scrum that streamed live online.

During the scrum, the boss-man of All Elite Wrestling provided the latest injury updates on Matt Hardy after the scary scene that unfolded during his Broken Rules Match with Sammy Guevara, as well as updates on the third-party platform issues in WWE and AEW taking a shot at them during their ALL OUT PPV broadcast and much more.

Featured below are highlights of the Tony Khan post-ALL OUT media scrum. The highlights were written by Mike Johnson of Also available below is a complete video archive of the AEW ALL OUT post-show media scrum with Tony Khan. The video archive is from

For those who missed the show on Saturday night, read our very detailed AEW ALL OUT Results From PPV In Jacksonville, FL. (9/5/2020) right here at eWrestling.


*Hikaru Shida was first and mostly stayed within the confines of AEW storylines.

*AEW Champion Jon Moxley said the humidity in Jacksonville was terrible all day and he was exhausted just waiting for his entrance. He said everyone worked through stifling humidity and a lot of the tapings have been that way. He asked everyone to remember that when watching the show and praised the hard work of the roster.

*When asked about Renee Young possibly appearing in AEW, he said she has an extensive non-compete with WWE. She was there tonight in the crowd but her goals are beyond professional wrestling.

*Moxley said he was intrigued by the idea of working on the mic with Jake Roberts.

*On the fan approaching him during his entrance, Moxley said he hoped it ended up on camera and Charlie, who does a ton behind the scenes for the company (and is well known as a great guy) “F**ing speared the hell out of” the fan. Moxley said that he didn’t think the fan was trying to attack him but to celebrate with him.

*AEW President Tony said the health and safety of the wrestlers are the most important thing in AEW. He said it looks like Matt was going to be OK. Khan said he personally stopped Hardy’s match and rang the bell to pause the match. Matt passed a concussion protocol. He went to the hospital to confirm he was OK, but he was OK and that’s why the doctor cleared him to continue. Khan said it was a scary moment and not something that anyone enjoyed and it appears Matt is OK.

*He was asked if they had medically overruled the doctor. Khan said Dr. Sampson has pulled people from their shows before, whether it be for an injury or a blood test. Khan never would have overruled the doctor’s decision and Matt wouldn’t have been allowed to overrule the doctor. Matt wanted to continue but they didn’t continue until he passed a concussion protocol.

*Khan said they are keeping an eye on luchadors. He watches CMLL and have worked with AAA in the past. He’d love to get stars from Puerto Rico as well.

*Khan was asked if they have an update on performing indoors. Khan said that they technically can perform indoors. They push everyone to hydrate and drink tons and tons of water. He said feels it would be better to perform outdoors and said lots of sports teams perform under those conditions. He said everyone gets tested but being outdoors is the safest way to perform right now. They are trying to keep everyone safe and minimize their health risks.

*Khan said he felt the show was a great PPV. He had a scary moment with Hardy and never had to call to stop and pause a match before. He wanted to wait for the OK from the doctor and the wrestler. He loved the rest of the show. He was very happy with MJF vs. Jon Moxley and is happy for them having such a great PPV main event. He said it was a hot night but it was a big show with a lot of hot matches. He felt Baker vs. Swole was fun. They protected Baker since it was her first physicality. It was a polarizing matches for some but he thought the ideas they brought were excellent. He praised the chemistry of The Young Bucks vs. Jurassic Express.

*Khan thanked Billy Corgan for sending his NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa to face Hikaru Shida and have a great bout.

*Khan was asked about whether Matt Cardona was signing full-time with AEW. Khan said he’d thought he’s had a great experience working with Cardona thus far, but nothing is done either way.

*Khan was asked if there was any hesitation over Hardy climbing the scaffolding after that scare. He said he was extremely concerned because he knew that’s what the plans were to happen. That’s why he paused the match because he wanted to make sure Hardy would be OK to do such a thing. He said he wanted to be cautious by having the doctor to check. He said it was a nervous moment given what these guys do and he wanted to make sure everything was OK to continue.

*On Thunder Rosa, he said he doesn’t know if the NWA wants to send her back. She didn’t win tonight but she was excellent and is a great champion. He said it wasn’t just up to him.

*On the Tooth and Nail match being added to the PPV, Khan said he was there when it was filmed and after seeing the timing of the bout, he wanted to be conservative with how much time it had. He also wasn’t comfortable with asking fans to pay for something when he wasn’t sure what Britt would be able to do. He said it was him Jerry Lynn, Dustin Rhodes and Kenny Omega and he liked what he saw and when he realized they could work it into the PPV timewise, he decided to add it to the show. He was happy that Swole got such a big win and that Baker had a good match where she was showcased in such a big unique way. She was like a horror movie villain and she’s also a great performer.

*On signing talents, Khan said they have really good scouts with eyes on talent. He said that with Eddie Kingston, Cody came in with ideas for possible opponents and Ricky Starks and Eddie Kingston were on the list. Khan said he saw each of them on the NWA but wanted to see them in person before he wanted to make a commitment. He said that even if you don’t sign someone, that doesn’t mean you failed. You have to be on a very high level for Khan to want to sign them right away. He had an idea after the match with Kingston to link them to the Lucha Brothers, etc. It took awhile to come up with the idea. They had the immediate idea for Ricky Sparks while he was in the ring.

*Khan said the Kip Sabian-Penelope Ford wedding is a ways off and he’s looking forward to everyone finding out who the Best Man will be this Wednesday. There’s a bachelor party coming.

*On women’s wrestling, Serena Deeb vs. Thunder Rosa was one of the best matches they’ve had on Dynamite in some time. They need to consistently have more great matches. He always wants to add more programming. They are adding more streaming properties and will have a third hour on TNT and he’d like to hire more talents.

*Khan was asked about the bit where Kip Sabian plugging his streaming platforms. Khan was asked what AEW’s stance on those platforms. Khan said it’s come up recently with a lot of wrestlers. He doesn’t want his wrestlers to be concerned he’s going to try and stop their Twitch or even appearance money. There’s some gray areas in places like sponsorships, using the idea of a talent getting a Pepsi commercial outside of the company. He pointed out Being the Elite isn’t a AEW show. His wrestlers have their own blogs and shows, etc. Kip wanted to have some fun with the promo and he wasn’t going to stop Kip from using those platforms. He said that each platform is different but he wouldn’t tell people they can’t do anything outside of the company. He said he doesn’t know if anyone has that policy, but if they did, it would seem wrong.


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