Triple H & Shawn Michaels Recap WWE Worlds Collide: NXT vs. NXT In Post-Show Backstage Q&A (Video)

WATCH: Triple H & HBK Recap Worlds Collide: Wolfe’s Injury, Devlin’s Title Win, Dragunov (Video)

Following the WWE Worlds Collide: NXT vs. NXT UK live special on the WWE Network on Saturday evening, Triple H and Shawn Michaels joined Cathy Kelley for a special post-show Q&A.

After the event, which kicked off the WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Weekend at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on Saturday night, “The Game” and “The Heartbreak Kid” joined the WWE broadcast team member to recap what was a very entertaining eventful and newsworthy live special.

Featured below are some of the highlights of what was discussed, as well as a complete video archive of the entire post-show Q&A with the founding members of the WWE Hall Of Fame faction D-Generation X (DX) from backstage at the Toyota Center in Houston, TX. after the live special event concluded.

Triple H on seeing NXT vs. NXT UK for the first time at Worlds Collide: “To me this was one of those nights where I sort of feel like, when we went back to the beginning and that first arrival, that first arrival event that we did when it kind of launched NXT to another place; or we went to Blackpool and launched the UK brand, where when you get done you launch this franchise. It felt that way in the building here in Houston. There’s just a vibe here, it feels that way. The talent were hyped, the talent were excited. There was just a palpable buzz, and then it just carried through from match to match to match. Man, this thing just delivered.”

Shawn Michaels on some unknown or lesser-known talents making names for themselves: “You look at the origins of NXT, at first people didn’t know who [the talent] they were, and then all of a sudden it became a grassroots campaign, which is how the NXT brand is built. Dragunov came over here today and I think he made an impression. There are people that know about him, but they didn’t know worldwide; now they do. Moustache Mountain, again, very popular, everybody knew them, but once again, going on a stage like this and delivering like they did. With Imperium against UE, this is again, you get one chance to make a first impression and everyone took full advantage of that spotlight tonight.”

Triple H on Ilja Dragunov and NXT UK: “It wasn’t like he blew the roof off the place, just because the NXT UK brand is still in its infancy still, and he’s brand new to that brand; so he’s just kinda getting rolling with it. But by the time he left, people were standing for him. The performance he put up against Finn Balor, he put himself on the map in a big way. The entirety of the UK, if you haven’t seen that before? You want to see it now.”

Triple H on Jordan Devlin winning the newly re-designed NXT Cruiserweight Championship and then modifying it once again for second time in one day immediately after the show (Watch Video Here): “I can tell you that when Jordan Devlin takes that NXT Cruiserweight Championship home , right, it’s gonna’ be a huge deal, and showing that off on BT Sports, and showing that off on a completely different platform? It’s gonna’ be a big deal for him.”

Triple H on Alexander Wolfe’s injury status: “Alexander Wolfe got caught on the chin early by a combo of Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish, and just got knocked out. And our medical staff came out there and got him out of there, and Imperium had to go three-on-four against Undisputed Era.”

Check out the complete 14-plus minute video of the Triple H and Shawn Michaels post-Worlds Collide: NXT vs. NXT UK Q&A with Cathy Kelley below.

For those who missed the Worlds Collide live special on Saturday night, January 25th, read our detailed results of the entire event right here at via the following link:

(H/T to EWrestlingNews for transcribing the above quotes.)


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