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WATCH: William Regal’s Son Bailey Matthews Makes NXT UK Debut, Talks Joining WWE (VIDEO)

The latest episode of WWE’s NXT UK brand saw Pro Wrestling legend and WWE NXT General Manager William Regal’s son Bailey Matthews make his official in-ring debut. Unfortunately, Matthews lost his WWE NXT UK in-ring debut match to NXT UK veteran Tyler Bate.

The one-on-one match between Bailey Matthews and Tyler Bate saw Bate hit his Tyler Driver ’97 move on Bailey to secure the victory. After the match, Matthews and Bate shook hands in a show of respect and Matthews was also asked how he was feeling.

Matthews said, “I feel good that I was able to hang in there with him.” “I wanted to win but at the end of the day it’s Tyler Bate I’m up against, the first UK Champion. As much as I tried my hardest it just wasn’t enough. I’m gonna have to keep putting in all the work and all the effort to get there. The only way to beat him, I think, is keep moving up, make my way back here, finally win against him.”

Back on January 29th, WWE announced the signing of Bailey Matthews, including Meiko Satomura, Metehan Kocabasoglu and Tony Gill. WWE also announced at the time that Matthews brings a unique style to NXT, inspired by his father, Pro Wrestling legend and WWE NXT General Manager William Regal and WWE NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint as well as Billy Robinson. Bailey previously worked a few UK indie shows before training as a Young Lion with New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2020.

You can check out Bailey Matthews’ NXT UK in-ring debut in the posts below, along with his post-match interview:

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