Wedesday Night Wrestling Wars Could Soon Be Over

According to a report by the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast, the WWE is rumored to be moving their NXT TV show to Tuesday nights beginning April 13, which would be the first NXT show after WrestleMania 37 weekend. As of this writing, the WWE has yet to confirm NXT’s schedule change, but people in NXT have heard of the rumor making the rounds. The report also indicates that an official announcement will be made soon.

Dave Meltzer then took to Twitter and revealed that WWE moving NXT to Tuesday nights was definitely a topic of discussion last Wednesday, February 24th, but that it was not yet final at the time. The Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast then noted that they heard the same thing regarding the February 24 rumors, adding that NBC staff were told of the move this week. Dave Meltzer also noted he expected this would happen back in January when the NBC Sports Network closed down, which could bring some NHL content to Wednesday nights on the USA Network later this year.

If WWE NXT’s move to Tuesday nights does happen, then this means that the Wednesday Night Ratings War between AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT is officially over and this could be great news for AEW as it should give them a boost in the ratings, but this could be bad news for IMPACT since NXT will be on the same night unless they choose to move their show to a later timeslot or a different night.

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