More Off-Air RAW Notes

What You Didn’t See On RAW This Week: More Off-Air Notes

Thanks to reader David Aguilar for contributing these additional notes from last night’s off camera activities at Raw

After Raw ended, Baron wants to be in the Shield, Dean gives the crowd 3 options, they choose for him to sing Teapot, as he does, Dean does Dirty Deeds, followed by the stomp and the spear.

Braun/Dolph/Drew surround the ring with chairs, Braun gets on the mic and asks them to stop joking around, and they go on to overpower the Shield. They isolate Roman in the corner, and set up a table. By then Seth and Dean are up, and they hit Drew and Dolph in the stomach with chairs, and then hit Braun with a couple of inaudible chair shots to the chest. Braun oversells the chair shots and falls to the outside. The heels regroup and go to the back.

Baron is still on the mat, and he starts singing Teapot into a mic again. The Shield gets him up, and bombs him through the table.

Shield celebrates, and Baron is down until after the Shield is gone and the music stops. He gets up with the help of two referees, and sells his pain all the way to the back.

Before the cameras went off, the referee went over to the front ring side to go tell Dean (who was on the ground) to go set up for the final shot where he seemed to decide to stay in the Shield or not. As Dean was doing that shot, Drake Maverick almost crawled through and ruined it. The referee all but pushed Drake down by his face so he wouldn’t.

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