Why Rusev Didn’t Return Last Week; Who is the Favorite for the Fatal Fiveway Match?

— As noted before, WWE had promoted Rusev’s return to live TV last week on Smackdown, but for one reason or another, that did not happen. According to backstage reports, the reason for this is the ongoing “flux” regarding the WWE title match at Backlash between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal.

— We’re told that once WWE began seriously considering putting the title on Mahal, the plans to bring Rusev back before Backlash were scrapped. Rusev is still in line for a push upon his return, though it remains unclear when that will be.

— Seth Rollins remains the favorite to win the Extreme Rules fatal fiveway match, but as is always the case with WWE booking, plans could change all the way up to the match itself.

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