Why WWE Waited So Long to Have Wrestlers as Audience Members; Some Talent Lost Their Voices

WWE’s recent usage of using NXT and development wrestlers in the audience for Raw and Smackdown was a decision that took several weeks to happen because they didn’t want to make it appear as if they were copying AEW, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The talent had to stand up and cheer for almost seven hours of TV that included Main Event and 205 and were not allowed to sit down except between matches. The entire taping on 5/25 took approximately 12 hours and it is believed that the taping on 5/26 took around the same amount of time.

The Observer reports that some talent noted that they lost their voices on the first day from making so much noise for such a long period of time and they were generally very exhausted at the end of the night. Talent also stated that no actual COVID-19 testing was done apart from getting their temperatures taken and being asked how they were generally feeling. Apparently some people in the company were “shocked” that actual tests weren’t administered given that there were people in UFC that passed the temperature checks yet later tested positive for COVID-19 as well as the fact that AEW actually held multiple tapings where everyone was tested.

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