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William Regal Says Triple H Had An Excellent Eye For Booking The Right Matches

Former WWE Star and current All Elite Wrestling Star William Regal recently took to his the Gentleman Villain podcast, where he discussed a variety of topics such as how Triple H had an excellent eye for booking the right matches and putting the right people together.

William Regal said:

“Triple H had an excellent eye for putting the right people with the right people. And if you’ve got that eye, then you know who to put on with who, and you know that they’re both good pros, and you can add little bits to it; it helps.”

William Regal also talked about how Triple H was thinking 20 steps ahead of anything he can think of.

William Regal said:

“He’s got all this stuff, and it’s laid out in his head. It’s 20 steps [ahead] of anything I can think of. He knows who to put with who to get the right result.”

You can check out William Regal’s full comments at this link. H/T to Wrestling Inc. for transcribing the above quotes.

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