WrestleMania 36 Updates

WrestleMania 36 to be Broadcast From Multiple Locations

— WWE announced last night that this year’s WrestleMania 36 will be broadcast over two days and it seems like that it is not the only change from past years. According to sources, WWE will also be using multiple locations along with the expected Performance Center and all of these locations will be “closed set” with only those individuals needed present.

— PWInsider confirms this report and also adds possible other locations as: WWE’s officials in Stamford and FOX or Universal’s sound stages. The multiple locations would allow WWE to pre-tape segments or even matches and having closed sets at each location would likely drastically cut down on the chances of any significant spoilers leaking. Finally, having the segments taped in more than place will also make it easier for the company to abide by protocols of having a maximum amount of people in a given space as they are taking the CDC’s social distancing rules very seriously.

UPDATE: WWE has confirmed the PPV will air from multiple locations: “WrestleMania will not only take place at WWE’s training facility but will include multiple locations over two nights.”

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