WrestleMania 36 Results Part 2

WrestleMania 36 Results – April 5, 2020 (NIGHT TWO)

The second and final night of The Only WrestleMania Too Big For Just One Night is in the books, and it was quite an eventful show.

WrestleMania 36 “Part 2” streamed via the WWE Network and various pay-per-view outlets on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

Featured below is our eWrestling.com WrestleMania 36 “Part 2” results from the taped show from the empty arena inside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

For those who missed the first night of WrestleMania, check out our very detailed WrestleMania 36 Results “Part 1” (4/4/2020).


On the heels of a spectacular Night One, we are welcomed to WrestleMania 36 Night Two by Corey Graves and Peter Rosenberg. Once again, we have front row seats to the biggest event of the year on the grandest stage of them all!

Graves begins the WWE WrestleMania 36 Kickoff Show (Part 2) by discussing the Boneyard Match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles that WWE Fans are still talking about! Rosenberg states the Boneyard Match took him to a completely different place, and still talking about the match!

Graves once again explains the different ways to view Wrestlemania reminding viewers that Wrestlemania is free for new subscribers at WWENetwork.com. Graves notes there are other options for viewing such as the Fox Sports App, FoxSports.com, and for the first time ever FiteTV will be airing the event, and as always it is still available on pay-per-view (call local cable/satellite providers).

Graves and Rosenberg then go down the lineup of matches remaining to take place on Night Two of Wrestlemania 36 including the WWE Championship Title Match between Drew McIntyre and Brock Lesnar.

Graves then notes it doesn’t get any more personal than the match still to come tonight between Otis and Dolph Ziggler. Ringing true even more so after the revelations on SmackDown this past Friday when the masked hacker behind the glitches revealed to Mandy Rose and Otis what really took place on Valentine’s Day that ruined the planned date between Mandy and Otis.

The mix up ultimately lead Mandy into the arms of Ziggler as he comforted her the night she believed to be “stood up” by Otis. Tonight Otis will finally get his opportunity to get his hands on Dolph, reportedly Mandy Rose will special guest referee the match up, stay tuned!

Graves goes on to note the Bobby Lashley vs Aleister Black match, the Last Man Standing Match between Edge and Orton, another personal match as the two former friends and teammates go head to head after Orton attempted to stall Edge’s return after a nine year hiatus. Then the Fatal Five Way Match where Bayley will defend her title, and the NXT Women’s Championship Title will be defended for the first time ever at Wrestlemania between Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair. Graves finally announces the John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (The Fiend) in a Firefly Fun House Match tonight. Graves sends us into a video package for John Cena…

John Cena Video Package

The video starts off showing John Cena in past matches, which leads into John Cena announcing he will not take place in Wrestlemania this year, until he was stopped by The Fiend, who simply pointed to the Wrestlemania sign implying he wanted a match to which Cena replied with a tip of the hat. The events leading up to tonight’s Firefly Fun House Match are then highlighted. Cena stating he will end this tonight at Wrestlemania, stating he will expose The Fiend as an embarrassment. “Let Me In!” Bray Wyatt states as he appears in the ring behind Cena, startling him, before disappearing. With that the screen goes black.

Announcer’s Podium

Once again we return to Graves and Rosenberg who discuss the uncertainty to what a Firefly Fun House match even is, what it’s going to look like, what puppets are going to show up, etc. Rosenberg adds he’s excited to see what Cena has in store tonight. Graves adds that Bray Wyatt stated that John Cena took a big part in the creation of The Fiend several years ago at Wrestlemania. Their discussion comes to a close as we go to commercial once again.

As the Kickoff Show goes on, Graves and Rosenberg discuss Bayley and the Women’s Fatal Five-way Match that’s still to come later tonight. Also highlighting a throwback to when The Rock took on Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 18, Hulk Hogan raising the hand of The Rock in victory in Toronto, CA. Next they discuss the very first Wrestlemania to host an NXT Women’s Title Match which will show Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley following Charlotte Flair’s win at Royal Rumble.

Video Package

The video package highlighting the events leading up to the Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair match including Rhea Ripley interrupting Flair’s announcement of who she chooses to take on at Wrestlemania as she states “The queen wants all the gold!” and Flair showing up at NXT. Also Ripley’s promo for her road to Wrestlemania.

Graves and Rosenberg At The Podium

As the video package ends, Graves and Rosenberg discuss the fact that this will be the first time the Women’s NXT Title will be defended at Wrestlemania. They note that Ripley has the potential to go on to become an icon. They go to a quick commercial, then as they return, Rosenberg states there’s less than 40 minutes until Night Two of Wrestlemania 36 begins.

Street Profits Promo

Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford hype up Wrestlemania as they mock Zelina Vega. Ford states it doesn’t matter if they are “touched by an angel” as they plan to “bust down an angel”. Ford says Wrestlemania only means one thing, “Wrestlemania is Up… and we want the smoke!”

Back To The Podium

Graves states he wouldn’t be shocked if there were new Tag-Team Champions tomorrow night, then stating he was still hyped from last night’s Wrestlemania, telling Rosenberg, “Let’s re-live it” as a video package begins.

Replay From Wrestlemania 36 (Night One)

A video begins, showing highlights from last night’s Wrestlemania 36 (Night One).

Liv Morgan vs. Natalya

As the bell rings to begin the match, Morgan leans in for a good sportsmanship handshake to Natalya, Natalya takes advantage and grabs Morgan in a Headlock. Natalya attempts to throw a Kick at Liv who counters with a Submission Headlock.

The women go back and forth in the ring, Natalya attempted to land a Sharpshooter on Morgan toward the end of the match, Liv blocks and rolls Natalya for a quick pin attempt. Liv full of motivation off the near fall, hits a Shining Wizard and ultimately rolls Natalya for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Liv Morgan

Wrestlemania 36 “Part 2” Results

Wrestlemania 36 (Part Two) starts NOW! Get comfortable in your favorite seat, grab a snack, and enjoy your front row seat to the greatest show of the year, on the grandest stage of them all… Wrestlemania 36 (Part Two)!

Stephanie McMahon Introduction

Once again we see Stephanie McMahon standing in front of a a Wrestlemania symbol on a television screen behind her. McMahon keeps it short and sweet as she welcomes us back once again, for Night Two of Wrestlemania 36!

Video Package

The same gimmicky movie trailer starring the WWE Superstars that aired last night in a Pirates of the Caribbean meets WWE parody is aired again, as we are welcomes to Wrestlemania 36 (Part Two)!!

Performance Center With Host Rob Gronkowski

As we enter the Performance Center for the second night of Wrestlemania 36, we are welcomed by host Rob Gronkowski to the show that is Too Big For Just One Night. Gronk tells us things will only get crazier as it’s Sunday, and he knows a thing or two about getting things going on Sunday!

NXT Women’s Championship Title Match
Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley

Charlotte Flair’s music sounds first as The Queen makes her way to the stage wearing her glittery robe and does a spin at the top of the ramp, arms extended. Flair makes her descent down the ramp as we head over to the announcer’s table briefly.

Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips sit at the announcer’s table ringside as they discuss the first match of the night, a monumental moment as The Queen takes on The Nightmare at Wrestlemania, the first time the NXT Women’s Title has been defended at Wrestlemania.

Back in the ring, Charlotte Flair enters the ring as Phillips sends us into a video package highlighting the events leading up to tonight’s Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair match for the NXT Women’s Championship Title. As the video ends, Ripley’s music sounds in the Performance Center.

Rhea Ripley makes her way to the stage, posing at the top of the ramp first, then making her way down the ramp and onto the apron where she finishes her normal intro into the ring. Ripley looks back at Flair already in the ring. The lights return as the match is officially announced for the NXT Women’s Championship. Both women are announced, the bell rings and the match officially begins.

Ripley and Flair circle each other, Flair finally attempting to grab Ripley for a take down to no avail. Again they circle one another, Flair knocks Ripley to the mat, announcing, “This is our NXT Women’s Champion”. Flair attempting to get into the head of Ripley, gets Ripley in a Waist-Lock and another take down. Ripley states, “Really Charlotte, Really?”

Flair lands multiple Chops to the chest on Ripley. Flair is caught in the corner by Ripley. Ripley follows up with the Rip Tide, followed by a pin attempt. Flair kicks out at two, immediately rolling out of the ring as she attempts to catch her breath on the ramp. The referee begins the count, getting to seven as Flair slides back in to break the count, then exits once again.

Ripley slides out of the ring as well, in a chase on Flair, Flair quickly slides back into the ring. Ripley attempts to follow, Flair begins to land Stomps to the head and body of Ripley as Ripley rolls in under to the ropes. Ripley drags Flair to the outside of the ring, Flair slamming hard on the ground at ringside.

Flair lands a shot to the throat of Ripley, followed by slamming Ripley head first off the steel stairs leading up to the ring. A Back Elbow to Flair, followed by Ripley flying off the stairs onto Flair on the outside of the ring. Back inside the ring, Ripley lands a Drop Kick to take Flair down once again. Ripley gets Flair into the corner with a Shoulder Shove.

Flair crawls across the ring, Ripley slams Flair’s face off the mat, a Suplex by Ripley for the two count. Ripley drags Flair back to her feet by her hair, landing multiple kicks on Flair. Ripley locks in Body Scissors on Flair as she grabs the hair of Flair as well. Ripley with multiple blows to the body of Flair. Flair lands a Back Elbow, followed by attempting a Body Bridge to get Ripley off of her.

Ripley goes for the cover once again, Flair kicks out. Both women back to their feet, Ripley knocks Flair through the ropes, Ripley goes for a kick through the ropes, Flair pulls the left leg of Ripley onto the top rope causing Ripley to fall to the mat in pain. Flair takes the advantage as she re-enters the ring, asking Ripley, “Is that all you got?” Flair continues to work over the injured leg of Ripley.

Flair asks Ripley if she thinks she can come into her ring and beat her. Flair drags Ripley to the center of the ring, still focusing on the injured leg of Ripley. Ripley screams out in agony as Flair manipulates the leg of Ripley, slamming it against the mat. Flair exits the ring, slamming Ripley’s leg into the ring post. Ripley pulls her leg back, dragging Flair into the post. The referee begins a count on Flair who is still outside of the ring.

The referee asks if Ripley wants to stop the match, Ripley shouts, “no, no, no!!” Flair declares she made the NXT brand. Ripley attempts a quick roll up on Flair, Flair kicks out, laughing. Ripley slams Flair face first into the mat, Ripley falling to the mat as her knee is still causing her too much pain to attempt a cover Ripley clutches her leg. Flair declares she never stops, never gives up.

Ripley and Flair exchange blows in the center of the ring. Ripley with several knee strikes to the face of Flair. Flair takes a Super-kick to the head followed by a Drop Kick by Ripley. Flair once again laying in the center of the ring as Ripley shouts out in pain. Ripley with short range Clotheslines on Flair. Flair kicks out the knee of Ripley. Flair heads to the top turnbuckle, Ripley with a kick to slow Flair down.

Ripley carries Flair on her shoulders, finally landing her in the center of the ring for another pin attempt. Flair kicks out at two. Flair asks the referee to wait as Flair attempts to catch her breath. Flair with a Back Elbow on Ripley. Flair with a big right hand in the corner. Ripley lands an Elbow on Flair, then heads to the top for a Drop Kick on Flair for the cover.

Flair kicks out at two once again. Both women look like they’re spent as they both stop and attempt to catch their breath. Ripley slaps her injured knee in anger as she gets back to her feet. Flair once again going after the injured leg of Ripley. Back and forth action, Ripley finally locking in a Standing Cloverleaf on Flair who is writhing in pain in the center of the ring. Flair inches forward, crawling on her hands towards the rope.

Ripley drags Flair backwards. Flair hits the injured knee of Ripley, causing Ripley to break the hold. Flair attempts to set up for the Figure Four, Ripley kicks Flair away. Flair attempts a cover, Ripley kicks out at two. Flair locks in the Boston Crab, Ripley refusing to tap.Ripley and Flair roll back and forth for two counts. Ripley lands a kick on Flair finally, both women again gasping in the center of the ring.

Flair back to her feet, landing Stomps on Flair. Ripley surprises Flair with a Big Boot followed by the cover, Flair kicks out at two. Both women crying inside the ring as they try to breathe in the center of the ring. Again back to their feet, Ripley lands open palm strikes and kicks on Flair in the corner of the ring.

Ripley follows Flair to the top rope, Ripley trying to flip Flair off the top turnbuckle. Flair and Ripley exchange blows on the turnbuckles, Flair finally shoving Ripley falling back to the mat inside the ring. Flair stands up on the top turnbuckle and turns around, attempting to land a Moonsault. Ripley expecting it, lands a Kick on Flair for the counter. Flair goes for a Spear followed by a cover, Ripley kicks out at two.

Ripley goes after Flair, Flair quickly rolls over and locks in a Figure Four on Ripley in the center of the ring. Ripley’s eyes grow wide, refusing to tap out. Ripley throws strikes on Flair. Flair attempts to bridge into the Figure Eight, Ripley finally taps.

Winner and NEW NXT Women’s Champion: Charlotte Flair

After the Match

Charlotte Flair adding another accomplishment to her Wrestlemania resume, 6 years after capturing her first NXT Women’s Title, this time winning it at Wrestlemania! We go into a highlight reel from the match.

Ripley still writhing in pain on the mat as she holds her injured leg. Back in the ring, Flair stands on the turnbuckle, holding her new NXT Women’s Title above her head as we go a commercial for Big Show’s new Netflix series “The Big Show” which airs tomorrow.

Announcers Table

As we come back from commercial break, Tom Phillips congratulates Charlotte Flair once again on her win moments ago as he sits beside Byron Saxton. Phillips sends us into a video package highlighting events from Night One of Wrestlemania 36.

Highlight Reel Of Wrestlemania 36 (Night One)

Video clips are shown from several of last night’s matches including Bliss’s win with the Twisted Bliss, King Corbin losing to Elias, the Triple Threat Ladder Match where Morrison and The Miz retain their title, Becky Lynch beating Shayna Baszler, Kevin Owens beating Seth Rollins not once, but twice, Braun Strowman winning the Universal Championship over Goldberg with a Power Slam, and finally the Boneyard Match between Styles and ‘Taker where ‘Taker ultimately buried Styles followed by riding off on his motorcycle.

Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley

Aleister Black rises from the darkness as his music sounds in the Performance Center. Black makes his way down the ramp wearing an over-sized robe with spikes, the look of anger we’ve grown accustom to. Black sitting Indian style in the center of the ring as his music comes to a close.

Out next, Bobby Lashley accompanied by Lana as they make their way down the ramp, Lashley enters the ring alone for his fourth Wrestlemania appearance according to Phillips at ringside. The lights return as the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings, the match begins.

Black attempts a Waist Lock on Lashley, Lashley throws Black rolling across the mat. Black attempts once again, and once again, Lashley throws Black off, rolling across the mat. Black attempts a Single Leg Take Down, Lashley pounces on Black and lands multiple Stomps on Black. Black lands an elbow to the face of Lashley.

Lashley flips over the top rope as Black pulls the rope down. Black heads to the top, doing a back flip out of the ring onto Lashley. The fight continues ringside. Lashley with an Overhead Belly to Belly on the floor. Lashley and Black make their way back into the ring, Lashley completely dominating Aleister Black. Lashley shoving his elbow into the face of Black.

Lashley with a Spinning Neck Breaker, Lashley looking back to wink at Lana as Black struggles back to his feet. Lashley assists Black back to his feet, going for the Stalling Suplex, Black wiggling his way out of the move, Lashley dropping Black outside of the ropes onto the apron. Black lands a Kick on Lashley. Black off the top rope, having to roll through as Lashley side steps.

Lashley with a hard strike for the cover. Black kicks out at two. Lana almost goes for a cheap shot, Lashley grabs Black for a Suplex followed by another pin attempt. Black kicks out at two. A Knee to the face of Lashley for a pin attempt of his own. Lashley kicks out at two. Black firing off multiple strikes on Lashley. Black with a Knee Strike on Lashley, sending Lashley to the outside.

Black with a Moonsault on the outside to Lashley from the post. Both men make their way back into the ring, a Running Crossbody by Lashley as they make their way back into the ring. Lashley going for a move, Lana on the apron shouting to Lashley “No, Spear him!” to which Lashley drops Black and heads to the corner, first blowing a kiss to Lana for the instructions.

As Lashley heads into a Spear, Black is waiting and hits Black Mass on Lashley, laying Lashley out on the mat. Black goes for the cover, getting the three count for the pin and win.

Winner: Aleister Black

After the Match

Bobby Lashley punches the mat, looking at Black in disbelief as the referee holds Blacks hand up in victory. Lana looking angry at Lashley as Black exits the ring and heads back up the ramp. Black stops and turns back to look at Lashley one last time.


Kayla Braxton is backstage stating Wrestlemania has been great to far and will only get better. Braxton then turns to Bayley and Sasha Banks. Braxton points out that Bayley is the longest reigning women’s champion. Bayley states the Five-Way Elimination Match is unfair as she is only one person and has to beat four other women in one match.

Braxton points out one of the women Bayley has to beat is her best friend Sasha Banks, to which Bayley scoffs saying, “How did I know you were gonna say that? You are just like everyone on Twitter, and everyone in the chatroom. Bayley states nothing can stand between them, they are united, adding “This interview is over!” Bayley then walks away.

Braxton stops Banks stating,”You’ve been NXT Women’s Champion, Tag Team Champion, Four Time Raw Champion, but you have never been SmackDown Champion, how bad do you want to win that title tonight?” Banks replies, “Well Kayla, we’ll all have to just wait and see.” Banks smirks slyly as she walks away.

With that we go to a commercial for Money In The Bank Streaming Live May 10th.

Announcer’s Table

As we return Michael Cole and JBL state Rob Gronkowski has been having some fun. A clip from last night, where Mojo Rawley wins the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth from right under Gronk.

Rob Gronkowski Speaks To Charly Caruso

Charly Caruso speaks to the host of Wrestlemania 36 as we come back from the video clip where Mojo Rawley seemingly stole the 24/7 Championship Title from under Rob Gronkowski. Caruso asks Gronk for his thoughts on that. Gronk states he wouldn’t mind winning that title before the end of the night. Caruso wishes him good luck. With that, we go back to commercial break.

Ringside With Cole And JBL

Michael Cole sets up a video package highlighting the events between Otis and Mandy Rose from when Otis asked Mandy on their Valentine’s Day date, through the events that ultimately ruined the Valentine’s plans, leading Mandy into the arms of Ziggler. Next, highlighting the back and forth drama between Otis and Dolph Ziggler and the events that followed leading up to the match between Otis and Dolph Ziggler at Wrestlemania.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Otis

As the video ends, we return to the Performance Center where Dolph Ziggler’s music sounds in the arena. Sonya Deville accompanies Ziggler to the ring. Ziggler makes his way into the ring while Deville climbs up and enters the ring with Ziggler, they pose together in the center of the ring. Out next is Otis as Heavy Machinery’s music sounds in the arena. Otis quickly slides in the ring reaching towards Ziggler.

Ziggler and Sonya quickly slide out of the ring as Otis tells Ziggler to re-enter the ring. The bell rings and the match begins. Otis grabs Ziggler, driving his shoulder into the midsection of Ziggler. Otis lands a Splash on Ziggler. Ziggler with a Super-kick knocking Otis out of the ring, right in front of Sonya who is clapping and rooting on Ziggler. Ziggler heads to the outside, throwing Otis into the ring post. Ziggler shouts, “You will never be me!”

Ziggler rolls Otis back into the ring, going for a pin attempt, Otis kicks out at two. Ziggler applies a Chin Lock on Otis, then throwing Otis down to the mat. Ziggler lands a Drop Kick followed by another cover. Otis kicks out once again. The commentators note that Tucker would normally be here to root Otis on, but is injured from Ziggler landing the Zig Zag to Tucker on the steel stairs during their match at SmackDown.

Otis gets a locked in with a Choke-hold by Ziggler. Otis looking tired, still gets back to his feet. Otis finally lands a Headbutt on Ziggler to slow things down, Otis able to catch a breath. Otis throws Ziggler out of the ring, then follows him to the outside. Otis slams Ziggler into the barricade. As Otis goes for the Caterpillar, Ziggler lands a low-blow on Otis stopping him short.

The referee didn’t see the illegal move due to Ziggler’s guest at ringside, Sonya, distracting the ref. Suddenly Mandy Rose’s music sounds in the arena, Mandy Rose making her way down, attacking Sonya Deville, rolling Sonya into the ring as a distraction, followed by landing a low-blow on Ziggler!! Otis smiles and goes for the Caterpillar once again, following up with the pin for the three count!

Winner: Otis

After the Match

Otis celebrates his victory in the center of the ring with Mandy Rose, he lifts her up in his arms and Mandy delivers a kiss to Otis! Otis carries Mandy off into the sunset, hopefully to live happily ever after!!

Video Package

Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton discuss happy ending to the love story between Otis and Mandy. Phillips then states the next match is nine years in the making. He sends us into a video package of Edge and Orton, starting with Edge’s return to the Royal Rumble. Noting Orton delivering the RKO to Edge, and later Edge’s wife. Then the rest of the events leading up to tonight’s match.

Last Man Standing Match
Edge vs. Randy Orton

Out first is the Rated-R Superstar…. Edge! Edge makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring, after waiting nine long years to re-enter the ring at Wrestlemania. Edge prepared to take back his career and take back his life. Randy Orton’s music sounds next as Edge stares down the ramp up to the stage, anxiously awaiting his opponent, prepared to finally end this once and for all.

“In My Veins” plays as Edge looks on confused, Orton not appearing on the stage. Suddenly out of nowhere, Orton comes up from behind hitting an RKO on Edge in a black sweatsuit. Orton removes the sweatsuit as the referee checks on Edge. A replay is shown and we see that Orton was disguised as a cameraman wearing the sweatsuit as he held the camera at ringside, Edge none the wiser that it was Orton behind him.

Back in the ring, the referee states to Edge he has to get back to his feet and audibly state “yes” he can continue the match. Edge struggles to his feet, finally stating, “Yes”. As the referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and Orton delivers yet another RKO on Edge. The referee begins to count as Edge rolls across the ring. Orton leans over Edge saying he looks at him like a brother, and he’s doing these things for him. The referee gets to the count of 9 before Edge rolls out of the ring, momentarily gets back to a standing position before dropping again.

Orton grabs the camera once again, hitting Edge in the head with it and Edge falls over the barricade. The referee begins the count once again, this time getting to seven as Orton asks Edge to stay down. Orton delivers strikes to Edge as Edge tries to regain his composure, now in the empty audience. Both men throw strikes back and forth as they make their way through the Performance Center, ultimately ending up in the Training Room.

Orton still dominating the match, slams Edge into a nearby table by the workout equipment, following up with a Headbutt that nearly drops Edge. Orton continues to batter and beat Edge as he states how much he loves him, Orton grabbing a free weight to hit Edge. Edge gathers strength from out of nowhere and kicks the weight into the face of Orton. Orton falls to the floor, as does Edge.

More back and forth action, as they exit the Training Room, eventually making their way back to ringside on the opposite side of the barricades. Orton knocking Edge off of a platform into the close-by barricade. Once again the referee begins the count, Edge looking to be down for the count. As the referee gets to nine, Edge makes his way back to his feet, only to be knocked down by Orton once again.

The two superstars continue their back and forth brawl throughout the Performance Center, at one point Edge gains momentum as he notices a ladder. Edge climbs the ladder and with an Elbow Drop onto Orton, Edge finally seems to be taking control of the Last Man Standing Match! The control is short lived as Orton drops Edge once again, this time the referee getting to the count of eight before Edge is able to get up again.

Later Edge hits a Spear onto Orton on top of a truck inside the Performance Center garage it seems. Orton goes to hit Edge with a chair, looking for the Con-Chair-To as they are on top of a semi truck, Edge locks in a submission on Edge, taking Edge to the ground. Orton looks to be out cold as the referee begins to count once again. The referee gets to five as Edge tells the referee he better not count! Edge begins to cry as he looks on to Orton.

Edge limps over to Orton with a steel chair as he tries to stifle his tears, Edge slams the chair down onto Orton who is jerking, seemingly having a seizure or something, the referee gets to 10 and the bell rings.

Winner: Edge

After the Match

Edge drops down to his knees next to Randy Orton, dropping his head onto the back of Orton who still seems to be unconscious.

We go into a replay of highlights. Finally we go to commercial break.

WWE 24/7 Championship

As we returning from commercial break Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton discuss how the second night of Wrestlemania has been going thus far. They are interrupted by a commotion at ringside as they announce it is the 24/7 Champion, Mojo Rawley. Rawley has become the hunted as multiple people are fighting Rawley for the title.

Suddenly the camera pans up to the perch that Elias was knocked off of by King Corbin last week, and we see the host of Wrestlemania 36, Rob Gronkowski, with a huge smile on his face as he drops an Elbow into the crowd of people fighting for the title. Gronk lands directly on Rawley for the cover. The referee drops to the floor and counts to three, declaring Gronk the new 24/7 Champion!

Winner and NEW WWE 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski

After the Match

Rob Gronkowski quickly celebrates before kicking and Rawley a few more times before running away to safety.

Raw Tag-Team Championship Title Match
Austin Theory & Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega vs. The Street Profits

Out first is Austin Theory as his music sounds in the Performance Center. Due to an injury to Andrade, Zelina Vega brought in Austin Theory to team up with Angel Garza. Angel Garza’s music sounds next as Garza makes his way out to join his tag team partner Austin Theory who awaited him on the top of the stage. Garza makes his way out with Zelina Vega and the three make their way to the ring.

Out next is the current Raw Tag-Team Champions, The Street Profits members Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford. Both Dawkins and Ford come out smiling as they make their way down the ramp, stopping at the announcer’s table to dance and get crunk as Ford climbs onto the announcer’s table gyrating for the commentators, Angelo dancing next to the table. Both members of The Street Profits clearly having fun, stating they want the smoke.

Finally Dawkins and Ford enter the ring, dancing around Garza, Theory, and Vega. Ford shouts, “It’s Wrestlemania!” to which Austin Theory shouts a reply of, “Yea, you’re losing your titles tonight!” The referee signals for the bell as Ford exits the ring leaving Dawkins to start things off for his team and Austin Theory remained in the ring on his side to start things off with Dawkins.

An early shoulder lock up between the two men in the center of the ring. Dawkins puts Theory into a Headlock, Theory shoving Dawkins into the ropes, Dawkins coming back with a Shoulder Shove on Theory for a take down. Dawkins tags in Ford. Ford and Dawkins double team, taking down both Theory and Garza. Dawkins and Theory alone in the ring once again.

Theory knocks Dawkins to the outside of the ring. Theory goes to follow Dawkins out of the ring, the referee stopping him, keeping his attention on Theory as Garza with a Super-kick cheap shot on Dawkins on the outside of the ring. Dawkins struggles back into the ring and Theory is mock dancing, clearly making fun of The Street Profits.

Garza tags in and begins going after Dawkins in the center of the ring. Garza landing a Super-kick on Dawkins. Dawkins takes more heat inside the ring, finally getting to Ford for the tag. Ford comes in hot, landing a DDT on Garza. Theory enters and breaks the count. Theory lands a big left on Dawkins, Ford dropping Theory to the mat. Ford then flies over the top rope with a high-flying maneuver, taking out Austin and his own teammate Dawkins.

Garza heads to the top turnbuckle, landing a Moonsault onto Ford and Dawkins by himself. Garza shouts, “Wrestlemania!!” Back in the ring, Garza lands a Moonsault from the second rope for the cover on Ford. Ford kicks out at two. Back to their feet, Garza attempts to set up for the Wing Clipper. Ford tags in Dawkins. Garza tags in Theory. Dawkins hits Garza. Theory knocks Dawkins to the mat with a TKO.

Ford gets to the top turnbuckle and From The Heavens lands on Austin Theory, Dawkins rolls over and gets the cover for the three count on Theory.

Winner and STILL Raw Tag-Team Champions: Street Profits

After the Match

Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford celebrate their Wrestlemania victory, though it is short lived as Angel Garza comes back in and attacks Ford inside the ring, Theory quickly joins in the after the match attack.

Zelina Vega begins kicking and stomping The Street Profits as well asking them how they like it. Out of nowhere, Ford’s wife Bianca Belair from NXT enters the ring and takes down Zelina Vega attacking her with a fury of fists. Belair picks up Vega taking her out with the KOD.

Bianca Belair left standing above Zelina Vega swinging her braid as she dances to her music and blows Vega a kiss. Ford and Dawkins carry Bianca out on their shoulders.

Welcome Titus O’Neil

Titus O’Neil standing on the perch where Rob Gronkowski had been hosting Wrestlemania, stating Gronk is the new 24/7 Champ, and is gone for safety of the title, leaving the hosting position open, so Titus O’Neil will gladly take over. O’Neil states, “Without further ado, let’s keep this Wrestlemania party rollin’ baby!!”

SmackDown Women’s Title Fatal Five-Way Match

As we come back from the commercial break, the Fatal Five-Way Match is announced and the rules are stated. Out first is “The Boss” Sasha Banks as her music sounds in the Performance Center. Banks makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring. Next to make her way out is the Southern Belle, Lacey Evans wearing her red, white, and blue garb, Evans enters the ring with Banks.

Third to come out is Tamina as her music sounds in the Performance Center, Tamina slides onto the apron. Cole tells JBL that he believes Tamina to be the “Wild Card” in tonight’s match up. Out next is Naomi as the black lights come on and the neon colors surround the Performance Center. Naomi Frog Leaps over the top rope, dancing with a tassel as she enters the ring.

Last to enter, the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley. Bayley stands at the top of the ramp posing, Sasha Banks not taking her eyes off of Bayley as Bayley enters the ring with her SmackDown Women’s Championship around her waist. Bayley looks to all four of the other women. Finally the bell rings and the match begins.’

Bayley and Sasha Banks go after Tamina as the bell sounds. Evans and Naomi join in. Tamina powers her way out, standing her ground. Banks knocked to the ground. A High Elbow catching Evans in the nose. The women go back and forth striking and attacking one another, attempting to wear each other down. Banks launched out on to the apron.

Winner and STILL SmackDown Women’s Champion: Bayley

FireFly Fun House Match
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (The Fiend)

Out first is John Cena as his music sounds, Cena looks into the camera stating, “And welcome, to Wrestle…” and is cut off as the Firefly Fun House theme is played and Bray Wyatt is seen in the Fun House. Bray Wyatt begins, “there’s another world that exists where our darkest urges are no longer kept secrets. Gods, monsters, angels, and demons… are neighbors.” Wyatt speaks to John stating we should take a look at who we really are. Wyatt adds Cena will take a look at his most dangerous opponent yet, himself.

With that Wyatt welcomes us to the Firefly Fun House. “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Exit Here” Cena looks around and is suddenly in the Fun House. Ramblin’ Rabbit tells Cena that Wyatt went through that door as he points to the door. Cena nervously opens the door and enters. Inside the room is pitch black, Cena’s neon green shirt and hat luckily show where he is standing. Another puppet standing inside the room asks Cena if he has enough ruthless aggression to be successful, stating, “Show me, or you’re fired”. (The puppet oddly looks like Vince McMahon)

Wyatt stands inside the ring giving the exact statement Kurt Angle did as the video skips back and forth between Kurt Angle and Bray Wyatt. John Cena is suddenly dressed in the same short blue and orange shorts and wrist bands from that night, his hair suddenly a little longer it seems.”What makes you think you have what it takes to hang with Bray Wyatt?” Wyatt asks. Cena responds, “Ruthless aggression!”

Bray continues to ask questions to which Cena can only respond, “Ruthless aggression!” Bray states he’s literally living Cena’s biggest failure right now, Bray stating it’s sad and he can see why Cena was almost fired. Cena keeps shouting, “Ruthless aggression” and throwing strikes that miss while silly bouncing sounds mark each missed hit. Cena attempts to chase Wyatt in the ring. We then see “Macho Mercy” and “Mr McBossman” on commentary.

Next, Saturday Night’s Main Event opening plays and now Bray Wyatt is dressed as Hulk Hogan. Bray Wyatt stands across from Cena, stating no matter what talent you have, all that matters is muscles! John Cena is steady lifting fake weights faster and faster. shouting about Wrestlemania inside a cage. Sister Abigail looks on in shock. Wyatt staring at him. Cena finally throws the weights and cannot lift his arms as he attempts to throw a punch. Mr. McBossman tells Cena to keep his hands up. In his best mock Hulkamaniac voice, Wyatt shouts, “What cha gonna do when ego-mania runs wild all over you, brother?” as he shoves Cena forward again to the next scene.

An over-sized silver Wrestlemania fist sitting in the background, Cena stumbles in wearing a Yankees jersey and a backwards fitted cap and “Thuganomics” begins as Huskus The Pig Boy is dancing and Sister Abigail shakes her head. Bray Wyatt nods his head to the music. Wyatt offers a mic and shrugs. Cena begins, “Oh I get it, I’m Doctor of Thuganomics i just switch like that in mid fight, the audience would be happy I just went from six to midnight. Oh I get your little joke, I can only talk in rhyme right, fine, I still shine, you ain’t takin’ away my limelight.” *crickets chirp* Cena continues, “If all I got is rap, I can use it to my advantage. cuz i’m like Husky Harris, it’s a weight that I can manage. Bray I got a great idea for your puppet show, put my junk in a glove, you can call it ‘Mr. Suck-It bro. You been a disappointment, since they brought you to the dance, You’re a slut for opportunity, you’re blowing every chance.”

The music turns to a lighter dramatic beat as Bray’s voice and face turn solemn. Bray begins, his voice cracking, “Chances? How dare you talk to me about chances, John Cena.” Wyatt tells Cena that Cena’s chances have been unlimited, Cena is untouchable. Wyatt continues on telling Cena he is the “golden goose”, but he’s not a superhero. Bray calls Cena a bully and a horrible person because he takes weaknesses of others and he turns them into jokes. Bray’s face turns red as tears seem to well up in his eyes as he states, “You would do anything for fame, John. Congratulations, you’re the man now John! Poor, lonely, John Cena.”

Bray informs Cena this is his last chance, instructing him that the floor is his as Bray steps back. Cena begins to rap again, charging at Wyatt in the corner of the ring, who disappears and reappears behind Cena (unbeknownst to Cena), then Bray hits him in the head with the chain missing from around Cena’s neck. Cena falls to the mat inside the ring.

We then see the original main roster version of Bray Wyatt sitting in a rocking chair, stating “I was the color red, in a world full of black and white.” as he continues to rock, quick clips of the Wrestlemania 30 match between Bray and Cena flash in and out. Wyatt tells Cena he was supposed to be a man of the people… but he didn’t listen.

Bray states he’s going to “re-write his own story” at which point Bray grabs a seemingly lifeless Cena and begins to Waltz around the ring with Cena’s arms and legs flailing slightly. Bray holds Cena tighter in the ring, going for Sister Abigail, though Cena slipped out. Bray then hands Cena a steel chair, stating, “Six years ago, you made the wrong choice cowboy… fix it.” Cena looks at the chair and then swings as hard as he can towards a knelt down Bray… but Bray is gone. Cena throws the chair down, looking fearful.

Now the NWO Monday Nitro intro music begins and Bray walks in dressed like Bischoff in an NWO shirt. “Brayschoff” introduces John Cena. This time Cena is dressed as Hollywood Hogan. At this point, Cena tackles Bray and begins throwing lefts and rights with all his might, Wyatt covering his face with his forearms. Sister Abigail shouts “stop it”, Ramblin’ Rabbit adds, “you’re hurting him!”, Mercy the Buzzard states, “he ain’t gonna like this…”

Cena continues to swing lefts and rights, finally stopping as he notices he’s attacking Huskus The Pig Boy. The Fiend standing behind Cena, mimicking each movement by Cena until Cena turns around. The Fiend delivers the Mandible Claw to Cena. Cena struggles, then looks to have passed out as a voice over of Cena from the SmackDown Go-Home Show states, “This Wrestlemania Match is going to accomplish what should have happened six years ago. Ending the most over hyped, over valued, over privileged, WWE Superstar in existence.”

The Fiend on top of Cena, finally letting go. A flash to Bray Wyatt laughing maniacally, then back to The Fiend standing up inside the ring, Cena’s body gone. The Fiend simply states, “Let me in!!” and the screen goes black.

Winner: Bray Wyatt (The Fiend)

Performance Center- Guest Host #2 Titus O’Neil

We return to the Performance Center where a stunned Titus O’Neil stands momentarily with a shocked expression on his face, his jaw dropped. Finally O’Neil wills himself to speak, stating, “I don’t know what I just saw.” O’Neil looks down, opening his mouth to speak again, but unsure of what to say… we go to commercial.

Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton Ringside

As we return from commercial break, we return to Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton sitting at the announcer’s table ringside as they briefly discuss the weirdness of the Firefly Fun House match they just witnessed. Phillips states we are not done yet, as he announces the WWE Championship is on the line as Drew McIntyre and champion Brock Lesnar, go head to head.

Video Package- Lesnar and McIntyre

Drew McIntyre knocks Brock Lesnar out of the ring at the Royal Rumble with a Claymore kick. McIntyre going to Wrestlemania, stating he wants his match to be with Lesnar. McIntyre announces in an interview “at 21 Mr. McMahon stated I was the future of the company.” McIntyre follows up with, “guess how many world titles I’ve won since then?” McIntyre ends his thought stating he’d be damned if people remembered him as the idiot playing air guitar.

Next Brock Lesnar is highlighted, being called the greatest wrestler of all time. Several comments from Paul Heyman voice over a highlight reel of events leading to tonight’s Wrestlemania match, Heyman stating McIntyre would not be winning the match. The video package finally comes to a close, as we return to the Performance Center.

WWE Championship Title Match
Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre

Out first is Drew McIntyre as his music sounds in the arena. McIntyre makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Out next is Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is accompanied by Paul Heyman as he makes his way to the ring.

Both men stand at their opposing sides of the referee as the bell rings and the match officially begins for the WWE Championship Title! As soon as the bell rings, Lesnar goes on the offensive, quickly going after McIntyre. Lesnar not giving McIntyre any space in the fight, throwing a kick, followed by multiple Shoulder Shoves in the corner of the ring. Lesnar attempts to swing McIntyre into the opposite corner, McIntyre reverses, sending Lesnar into the ring post.

Before Lesnar has an opportunity to swing again, McIntyre runs at Lesnar and lands a Claymore! Lesnar falls to the mat as McIntyre quickly drops onto Lesnar for the cover. The referee counts 1… 2… Lesnar kicks out!! McIntyre quickly sits up and stares at Lesnar in shock. The commentators state no one has ever kicked out after receiving the Claymore from McIntyre. McIntyre retreats to the corner of the ring as Lesnar struggles back up, face bright red. McIntyre tells Lesnar to get up.

Heyman shouts to Lesnar from ringside, telling Lesnar that McIntyre was about to go for another Claymore! Lesnar readies himself and counters the second Claymore attempt with a German Suplex! McIntyre lays face first on the mat, Lesnar quickly lifts McIntyre back to his feet, McIntyre holds on to the ropes as Lesnar attempts another German Suplex. Lesnar forces McIntyre to release the top rope, going for another German Suplex. Then another. Lesnar lands an F5, followed by a cover. This time, Lesnar looks stunned as he stares down at McIntyre.

Back to their feet, Lesnar lands another F5 and another cover. McIntyre kicks out a second time! This time at the count of two. Lesnar out of breath and red faced looking even more shocked this time. Lesnar lands a THIRD F5 for the pin. McIntyre kicks out AGAIN! Heyman states, “He’s good, do it again. He can’t keep kicking out.” McIntyre grabs Lesnar’s ankles, Lesnar laughs, stating, “All night long, you wanna do this?” Lesnar lifts McIntyre for yet another F5, McIntyre slides out of Lesnar’s grip.

McIntyre quickly follows up with a Claymore! McIntyre runs to the corner eyeing his prey as he steps from one foot to the other shouting, “get up! get up!” Lesnar gets back to his feet in time for McIntyre to strike with yet another Claymore! McIntyre shouts, “Look at me!” McIntyre lands a FOURTH Claymore and goes for the cover. McIntyre gets the three count and the win!!

After the match, Drew McIntyre is announced as the winner!! McIntyre looks shocked and in awe as the referee hands him the championship belt. McIntyre holds the belt above his head and howls loudly with pride.

A video recap is shown! “Thank you, thank you!” McIntyre mouths into the camera. McIntyre climbs the post shouting, “Unbelievable!” to end Wrestlemania 36!!!

Winner and NEW WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

That does it for our live WrestleMania 36 “Part 2” results coverage. Thanks to all who joined us here at eWrestling.com this weekend. For continued breaking WWE and AEW news coverage via social media, follow me on Twitter @MattBoone1984.

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