Cuervo KO'd By Brick

Wrestler Gets Knocked Out By A Thrown Brick To Back Of His Head (Video)

Wow, this one is pretty brutal.

At the Lucha Memes / Lucha Libre Boom co-promoted event in Puerto Rico on Monday, a wrestler was knocked out when a cinder block brick was thrown from his opponent, Angel o Demonio, in the ring out to the floor, hitting him in the back of the head when he wasn’t expecting it.

Cuervo was legitimately knocked out for a few moments as a result of what looked visually to be a very brutal spot.

The referee and what appeared to be a ringside physician at the event immediately checked on Cuervo, who was completely unconscious, face-down, on the concrete outside the ring. He would eventually regain consciousness and be helped to the back. The match ended just a few moments later after Demonio taunted the crowd for a bit.

Check out video footage of this brutal incident from the Lucha Memes / Lucha Libre Boom co-promotional show below.

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