Wrestlers Upset at Impact Wrestling Taking Shots at Former TNA

  • According to a report by Mike Johnson at pwinsider.com, there will be some segments on tonight’s Impact show that will take shots at the previous TNA regime. Many wrestlers felt that the these shots were just as much aimed at them as it was to management, but one in particular spoke up and confronted Jeff Jarrett about it.
  • Eli Drake went up to Jarrett to address all the digs and two had a discussion, which according to reports never got ugly. The shots were always intended to be at former members of management (i.e. Dixie Carter), but it certainly ruffled the feathers of many wrestlers.
  • The intent of the shots were meant as a way to distance the new regime from the old without moving forward with an “official reboot.” However, things were a bit awkward as John Gaburick is still employed in a backstage capacity and he was once working creative for TNA.
  • Another issue that came up is that some of the wrestlers were reportedly having difficulty with the transition from Gaburick to Jarrett as the former was open minded in that he took feedback and allowed talent to tweak directives. Jarrett, on the other hand, is said to be more “old school” in that it was his way only and this has proved to be a bit of a “culture shock” for some wrestlers.

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