WWE 205 Live Results (10/23/2020): Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL

WWE Results |By Matt Boone |Fri, October 23, 2020 - 9:37PM EDT
WWE 205 Live Results (10/23/2020)

WWE returns on the WWE Network this evening with this week's episode of the Cruiserweight-themed show, WWE 205 Live.

On tap for this week's show, which kicks off immediately after the WWE SmackDown (10/23/2020) broadcast, is a pair of matches that will see Mansoor go one-on-one against The Brian Kendrick, while Curt Stallion squares-off against "The Premier Athlete" Tony Nese.

Featured below are complete WWE 205 Live results from Friday, October 23, 2020.

WWE 205 LIVE RESULTS (10/23/2020)

Heading to the ring to kick things off inside the squared circle on this week's purple brand program is The Brian Kendrick. "The Plan with the Plan" will be going one-on-one against the undefeated Mansoor, who makes his way down to the ring.

The bell sounds and after the two stare at each other for a second or two, they finally step towards each other and lock-up, where Kendrick takes Mansoor down to the mat. Mansoor works his way back up as Kendrick holds onto a side head lock.

Mansoor hits the ropes and puts on the breaks, however that doesn't stop Kendrick from slapping another side head-lock on the undefeated prospect. Kendrick throws Mansoor into the ropes and Mansoor hits a nice arm-drag and then slaps a head lock of his own on Kendrick.

Back on their feet, Kendrick and Mansoor shove each other with hard pushes back-and-forth several times. Finally, Mansoor shoves Kendrick on his butt. They lock up again and now Kendrick goes for a belly-to-back suplex, but Mansoor lands on his feet. He gets another Ricky Steamboat-like deep arm drag, which he follows up with a drop kick and a clothesline in the corner.

He hops up on the ropes and comes off with a middle-rope bulldog on Kendrick for a near fall. Mansoor lands on his feet on the ring apron outside the ropes after Kendrick tosses him over. Kendrick has him scouted, however, as Mansoor tries slingshotting himself in over the ropes but Kendrick catches him and he takes the brunt of the physicality on his knee. Kendrick with a near fall of his own now.

Kendrick uses the ropes to choke Mansoor as he establishes a comfortable offensive lead once again. Kendrick blasts Mansoor with forearms in the corner and then takes him down and wrenches away on his elbow and shoulder on the mat in a unique arm submission.

After he gets out of the hold, he fires up and now is making a comeback. Each guy trades kicks but Mansoor takes over and hits a spinebuster and an atomic drop. Now he executes a suplex and rolls through for a second. He rolls through for a third and has to muscle him up, this time slamming him down in a falcon arrow for a close near fall.

Mansoor looks for the moonsault off the top-rope but nobody is home. He does, however, hit a follow-up sit-down power bomb into a pin attempt. Kendrick, however, hangs on and kicks out at two. Kendrick tries slapping his submission finisher on a grounded Mansoor moments later, however Mansoor avoids it getting fully applied. He hoists Kendrick up for another power bomb, however it is countered and Mansoor goes flying into the turnbuckles.

Kendrick spears Mansoor into his back in the corner before sitting him on the top rope. He climbs up after him and hits a butterfly suplex off the top-rope. He covers Mansoor but Mansoor rolls through and he ends up getting the pinfall victory. He remains undefeated with the hard-earned victory.

Winner: Mansoor

Jordan Devlin Returning Soon

After a quick Hell In A Cell promo for this Sunday's pay-per-view, we shoot to the announce table where Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness introduce a special video package looking at the upcoming return of "The Irish Ace" Jordan Devlin after he was forced to relinquish the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. The vignette shows him getting upset at the use of the term "Interim" being taken away and WWE crowning Santos Escobar as the new title-holder. He sends a message to the entire WWE 205 Live roster, claiming he is the real, true NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

After the vignette wraps up, we see a tweet from the current NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar reacting to the Jordan Devlin vignette. Then we shoot to highlights of this week's WWE NXT shows from two days ago where Legado Del Fantasma picked up a win.

The Bollywood Boyz Address The Cruiserweight Division

The Bollywood Boyz make their way down to the ring to address the Cruiserweight division. They make their fun-spirited ring entrance now, which Vic Joseph wants nothing to do with but Nigel McGuinness has some fun with.

They Boyz are back in town and they're in the ring now as their music fades down and they pick up microphones from ringside and begin addressing the jam-packed ThunderDome virtual fan audience inside the Capitol Wrestling Center.

They talk about being back in action soon and they promise to bring with them the lights, cameras and the Bollywood action. They dance around as their music plays again to end the segment. They go out to dance around with McGuinness some more and again Vic Joseph gets his Grinch on.

WWE PC Recruit Curt Stallion Addresses Tony Nese

We are shown highlights from last Friday's episode of WWE 205 Live, which saw "The Premier Athlete" Tony Nese interfere in the Daivari Dinero Division challenge where Ariya Daivari took on WWE Performance Center recruit Curt Stallion.

We then shoot to an interview backstage from earlier this evening where Stallion addresses Nese's interference from last week. He says he was so close to beating Daivari and Nese ruined it. He says tonight he makes things right when he gets his hands on "The Premier Athlete."

Curt Stallion vs. Tony Nese

After a quick Hell In A Cell promo for this Sunday's pay-per-view, we shoot back live inside the Capitol Wrestling Center where it's time for this week's WWE 205 Live main event.

First down to the ring is "The Premier Athlete" himself, Tony Nese. Out next is his opponent for this week, the man who he attacked last week, the new WWE Performance Center recruit Curt Stallion.

Before the match gets underway, we hear the theme music of Ariya Daivari, who makes his way down to the ring. This distracts Stallion, allowing Nese to attack him from behind to kick the match off in his favor.

Daivari settles in on guest commentary alongside Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness while Stallion hits a nice back suplex on Nese to turn the offensive momentum in his favor. Stallion hits a couple of impressive follow-up moves and is now comfortably in the offensive driver's seat in this week's WWE 205 Live main event.

After getting a bit too comfortable on the top-rope, however, Stallion is crotched by Nese and then kicked in the gut before "The Premier Athlete" hoists Stallion up, dropping him ribs-first down on his waiting knee. Nese now puts the boots to the newcomer here to the purple brand. Nese with a nice springboard moonsault for a close near fall.

Nese puts the boots to Stallion again, however Stallion fires away with punches. Nese cuts his comeback very short, however, blasting him with a nice drop kick and then locking him in a body-scissors with his legs on the mat.

We watch as Nese and Stallion trade forearms. Nese hoists Stallion up in a Torture Rack, which Stallion gets stuck in for a while before ultimately escaping. Nese goes for a pump-handle slam but Stallion reverses and hits a nice German suplex. The fans watching on from the ThunderDome make their voices heard now as Stallion fires up on offense.

Stallion goes to work on Nese with a variety of strikes in the corner, until he slumps down to the mat. Stallion runs around the ring and hits a dropkick on a seated Nese in the corner. Stallion follows up with a nice DDT for a near fall.

Stallion hits a nice moonsault to Nese on the floor and as he sends Nese back in to finish him, we hear Daivari on guest commentary telling Stallion he doesn't want any part of him and that he better run away. Stallion smirks as he heard him, and he goes back to the floor. He bashes Daivari with a head butt. He goes to re-enter the ring, however, and Nese charges at him and blasts him on the way in with the Running Nese knee for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Tony Nese


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