WWE 205 Live Results (5/15/2020)

WWE 205 Live Results (5/15): Orlando, FL.

WWE is back with a new first-run episode of WWE 205 Live this week, featuring the latest action from the Cruiserweight division immediately following the WWE Friday Night SmackDown broadcast.

Featured below are WWE 205 Live results from May 15, 2020.

WWE 205 LIVE RESULTS (5/15/2020)

This week’s show kicks off with the signature show open video package, followed by a live shot of the empty arena hosting tonight’s show at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

From there, the announcers for this week’s return edition of WWE 205 Live — Corey Graves and Byron Saxton — welcome us to the show while theme music begins playing inside the building.

Tyler Breeze vs. Tehuti Miles

After that, we see Tyler Breeze begin making his way out. One-half of the former Breezango duo along with Fandango — Tyler Breeze — is now inside the squared circle, arrogantly laying across the top rope in lounge-style fashion.

We are then treated to our first on-camera introduction by Graves and Saxton who talk about calling the Cruiserweight action this week.

Now, Breeze’s opponent for this evening — Tehuti Miles — makes his way out for our first one-on-one showdown of the night here on WWE 205 Live.

Miles starts things off in the offensive driver’s seat as this match gets underway. Miles is taking it to Breeze. He knocks him out to the floor and then in the same egotistical fashion Breeze laid across the top rope before the match got underway, Miles is laying on the ring mat waiting for Breeze to get back inside the squared circle.

As he does, Miles immediately takes it to him again. Now, Miles mixes in some verbal trash-talk to add insult to injury, yelling at Breeze to “crawl” as he struggles to get back to his feet, and demanding he call Miles the real “pretty” one of the two.

Out of nowhere, Breeze blasts Miles with the Uber Model Super-kick for a near-fall. The spot was Breeze’s first sign of life since the opening moments of the contest. Miles takes back over on offense. He goes for a neck-breaker, but Breeze reverses it to his Un-Prettier finisher for the pin fall victory.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Undertaker: The Last Ride & NXT On USA Updates

We are shown a video trailer promoting the new “Chapter 2 — “The Redemption” episode of Undertaker: The Last Ride multiple-part documentary series, which premieres on the WWE Network this coming Sunday night.

Also, a commercial airs promoting El Hijo Del Fantasma vs. Akira Tozawa in the Group B side of the bracket and Kushida vs. Drake Maverick on the Group A side as the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament matches for next week’s new episode of NXT On USA.

NXT On USA Cruiserweight Championship Tournament continues next Wednesday night when NXT On USA returns.

Tony Nese vs. Jack Gallagher

In our second of two matches advertised for this week’s Cruiserweight-themed program, “The Premiere Athlete” Tony Nese is scheduled to face-off against the man known as “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher.

Gallagher, having turned heel not too long ago, has been anything but a “Gentleman” as of late.

Before heading into the second and final match of the evening, we see some video highlights to show how things built up to tonight’s main event showdown.

We are shown footage dating back two months ago before several follow-up videos from more recent weeks are shown.

Now we shoot back live inside the arena where “The Premiere Athlete” begins making his way down to the ring. The Long Island native is dogged by Corey Graves for gloating about his abs as he finishes up his ring entrance.

The man still going by the moniker “Gentleman” makes his way out now, as the inked up Jack Gallagher makes his entrance for this week’s WWE 205 Live main event.

The bell sounds and here we go with this week’s headline attraction. It is a 50/50 battle early on, with each guy spending a minute or two in control of the offensive flow of the bout before the tide would turn in the other man’s favor.

Finally, Nese gets a little more than a minute, however from there, it is all Gallagher for a few minutes. “Gentleman” Jack peppers “The Premiere Athlete” with a variety of vicious kicks before going for the first true near fall of the contest. Nese kicks out at two.

Gallagher goes back to blasting Nese with kicks, while mixing in some slams and mat work before Nese takes things over from an offensive perspective.

Nese gets a couple of near falls, including a close one after a good Moonsault, and an even more believable one following a brutal Sunset Driver. Nese charges up for running knees on Gallagher in the corner, however as “The Premiere Athlete”sprinted towards “Gentleman” Jack, he was met with a headbutt from his prepared opposition.

Now Gallagher misses a spot in the corner, although as Nese goes to capitalize, Gallagher quickly turns it into a pin attempt. Nese kicks out. Seconds later, Gallagher hits his Rolling Elbows on Nese for the 1-2-3. “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher picks up the pin fall victory in this week’s WWE 205 Live main event. Great action from these two.

After the match, Gallagher leans over into a seated Nese’s face and says, “We’re not done, we’re not done.” He exits the ring, turning one final time before entering the backstage area to stare down his foe again.

That does it for this week’s WWE 205 Live. We hope you enjoyed the coverage. Make sure to join us here again next week — same bat-time, same bat-channel, for WWE 205 Live results coverage.

Winner: Jack Gallagher

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