WWE 205 Live Results (5/22/2020)

WWE 205 Live Results (5/22/20): Orlando, FL.

WWE returns with the latest episode of WWE 205 Live this week, featuring action from the Cruiserweight division immediately following the WWE Friday Night SmackDown 5/22/2020 broadcast.

Featured below are WWE 205 Live results from May 22, 2020.

WWE 205 LIVE RESULTS (5/22/2020)

Scheduled for tonight’s show is Isaiah “Swerve” Scott taking on Tyler Breeze, and Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Ever-Rise. As SmackDown wraps up on FOX, the final commercials air on the WWE Network leading up to this week’s episode.

This week’s show kicks off with the regular weekly opening video signature, followed by a shot of the empty arena inside the WWE Performance Center as the announce team of Corey Graves and Byron Saxton introduce us to the show.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Ever-Rise

Music plays inside the building and the team of Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch immediately make their way out to the ring.

Matt Martel & Chase Parker, known collectively as Ever-Rise, make their way out next. Tag-Team action kicks off things inside the ring on 205 Live.

Burch and Parker kick things off while Saxton fills Graves, and the viewing audience at home, in on who exactly the team of Ever-Rise are. Burch jumps off to an early offensive lead and then tags in Lorcan.

Lorcan picks up where Burch left off, taking it to Parker. Finally, Parker breaks free and tags in Martel. Martel starts to take it to Lorcan and then he tags in Parker. The two hit a double-team spot and then they tag right back out.

Good quick tags keeping a fresh man on Lorcan, who is looking to tag Burch in, but keeps getting cut-off by the members of Ever-Rise. After some more quick back-and-forth tags, Lorcan finally tags Burch in.

Burch takes the hot tag and hits a missile drop kick on Parker. Big release suplex by Burch. Burch really taking it to Parker now. Finally, Martel hits Burch from behind to break up a pin attempt. Parker tags in Martel and the two hit a cool top-rope double team spot for a close near fall.

Finally, Burch takes Martel down and locks him in the Crossface. Parker runs in to make the save, but Lorcan cuts him off. Martel taps out. Burch and Lorcan win.

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Interim Cruiserweight Title Tournament Highlights, Main Event Next

We see highlights from WWE NXT earlier this week of the Interim Cruiserweight Championship action and the triple-threat match being set up for next week’s black-and-gold brand show.

Then we see highlights of Isaiah “Swerve” Scott’s promo and him being attacked by Tony Nese on the show. From there it is announced that Scott will take on Tyler Breeze in one-on-one action tonight, and that match is next.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Tyler Breeze

After a commercial for the return of Undertaker: The Last Ride this Sunday on the WWE Network, we head back into the arena where Tyler Breeze’s music plays and Prince Pretty begins making his way down to the ring.

After getting a ton of praise from heel commentator Corey Graves, finally, the music plays bringing out Prince Pretty’s opponent for tonight, Isaish “Swerve” Scott.

The announcers talk about Scott not being as smiley and happy as usual, seemingly all business tonight. The bell sounds and these two lock up to kick off this week’s 205 Live featured match.

Breeze takes Scott down with an arm-drag early on and then hops up on the top rope to gloat. Back to action, Scott does a good job of getting going until he appears to botch a spot, getting tripped up in the ropes before rolling out to the floor, slamming the ring apron in frustration.

Finally, Breeze goes out after Scott on the floor, whipping him into the ring barricade. He rolls him back into the ring, lands a couple of stomps and goes for a pin that only gets two from the official for this one. A snap-suplex later and Breeze tries to cover “Swerve” Scott again, and again Scott kicks out.

Back on their feet, Breeze whips Scott into the turnbuckles in the corner with a vengeance. Out of nowhere, Scott blasts Breeze with a stiff right hand. The sound of the shot could be heard echo’ing throughout the empty arena. Scott with a flying stomp on the ring apron outside the ropes before going to work on Breeze on the floor.

The announcers put over Scott’s new mean streak while he continues to show a violent onslaught of offense on Prince Pretty. A rolling thunder / code-breaker type of move leads to a close near fall from Isaish. Breeze now cuts off Scott’s big offensive run, taking him down briefly before Scott takes right back over.

Scott hits a big spot off the top for a close near fall. After only getting a two count, Scott pounds the mat in anger / frustration as the announcers again point out his non-nonsense business approach this week. Breeze hits a super-model kick out of the blue for a close near fall that almost stole the match for Prince Pretty, however Scott managed to kick out before the ref’s count hit three.

Seconds later, Scott turns the tide back in his favor and after culminating his comeback with a Confidence Boost off the ropes, Isaish “Swerve” Scott picks up the big win via pin fall.

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott


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