WWE 205 Live Results (5/29/2020)

WWE 205 Live Results (5/29/2020)

WWE returns with the latest episode of WWE 205 Live this week, featuring action from the Cruiserweight division immediately following the WWE Friday Night SmackDown 5/29/2020 broadcast.

Featured below are WWE 205 Live results from May 29, 2020.

WWE 205 LIVE RESULTS (5/29/2020)

This week’s show opens with the regular weekly video signature, following by a shot of the entrance way as Tyler Breeze’s theme music begins to play.

Tyler Breeze vs. Tony Nese

Prince Pretty gets an elaborate ring entrance this week, and as he nears the ring we shoot over to Corey Graves and Byron Saxton — our announce team for this week’s show.

As he enters the ring, his music fades down and the theme of his opponent for tonight, “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese, begins playing. It is Breeze vs. Nese in the opening contest on 205 Live this week.

The bell sounds and the two circle around each other. They stop and Nese hits a muscle pose that draws some boos from the smattering of human bodies in the building serving as the “crowd” for this week’s 205 Live.

The two lock up and we get a clean break. They lock up again and Breeze goes behind Nese and takes him down. He slaps a rear chin lock on “The Premier Athlete,” who looks to reverse the hold, but fails, and ends up with his back on the mat as Breeze drops a leg on his arm.

He slaps the chin lock on Nese again and after a while, Nese gets to his feet and breaks free, then nearly breaks Breeze’s face with a big kick. The kick prompts some replays and a comment from an upset Graves on commentary.

Nese enjoys a decent run in control of the offense, only to lose it when he misses a big moonsault, allowing Breeze to get his second wind. Breeze works some kicks and hits a flying super man punch on Nese in the corner. Nese sweeps his legs out to kill his momentum and this time he executes the moonsault attempt.

Both guys are down after he connects and Nese is eventually first to get back to his feet. Nese is looking for his finisher, but Breeze rolls through into a pin attempt, however he only gets two. Breeze gets Nese on his shoulders for a modified Big Ending type move for a close near fall.

Breeze goes to the top but Nese nails him with an open palm strike. Nese looks for the double knees on Breeze but Breeze rolls out to the floor and slams Nese’s knee into the steel ring post. Back in the ring, Breeze has Nese locked in a half Boston crab submission, cranking on the leg of “The Premier Athlete” that he just softened up.

Nese eventually makes it to the ropes, forcing the referee to break the hold. He rolls to the floor to try and regain his composure. Prince Pretty leaps off the apron with a flying forearm smash that floors Nese. He rolls him back in the ring and goes for a german suplex, but Nese lands on his feet and dropkicks Breeze’s legs out from under him.

Afterwards, Nese still sells his own hurt leg. He then limps over to the top rope but comes off into a Rock Bottom position from Breeze. Nese elbows out, but is spinebustered down by Breeze. Breeze hits a Book-End type move for a close near fall. Breeze is looking for the Unprettier, but Nese saw it coming. He hits a spinning elbow and follows up with the running knees. 1-2-3.

Winner: Tony Nese

Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tourney Update

We get a look at the updated standings for the interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship tournament. The announcers run down the brackets as they stood going into NXT On USA earlier this week, and then talk about the updated finals that are now set heading into next week’s episode of NXT On USA. El Hijo Del Fantasma vs. Drake Maverick next Wednesday night determines the new interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

Tehuti Miles vs. Danny Burch

Tehuti Miles makes his way out for our second match of the evening here on the Cruiserweight-themed weekly show.

The announcers put over Miles as one of the newer faces here on 205 Live. Graves isn’t convinced he’s the real deal yet.

As he settles into the ring, Danny Burch’s theme and out he comes. Miles goes one-on-one against Burch next here on 205 Live.

The bell sounds and these two are slow to lock-up. They do and Miles goes behind Burch and shoves him into the ropes. Graves says that wasn’t a wise decision.

Burch, in shock for a few moments, finally charges at Miles, who ducks down and slides out of the ring. Burch holds the ropes and invites him to come try that again.

Miles gets the upper-hand again and again shows off. Burch gets down and dirty now and slaps a tight headlock on him and takes him down. Burch hooks Miles’ arm with his leg and drops bombs on his unprotected face.

Finally the two work their way back to their feet. Burch takes Miles down and then hits a beautiful leg-pick as Miles was coming off the ropes. Big uppercut from Burch. And another. A third one floors him.

Big chop from Burch can be heard throughout the arena. Burch with another big uppercut that floors Miles. Burch stomps away at Miles in the corner. Miles out of nowhere hits a drop kick on Burch that knocks him out to the floor.

Back in the ring, Miles goes to work with some ground and pound on Burch. He doesn’t seem all fun and games now, as he has a serious look on his face and he takes the straps down on his overalls. He puts the boots to Burch in the corner.

Burch catches Miles coming in with a gut shot, but Miles pounds on his back with a forearm. Miles hits a nice neckbreaker on Burch for a near fall. He slaps a rear chin lock on Burch. He stands up and hits another reverse neck-breaker on Burch.

Now he grabs his ears and yanks on them before slapping him right back in a rear chin lock, taking him down to the mat and turning it into almost a modified side head lock. Burch stands up and fights out of the hold. Burch drops Miles with punches over-and-over again.

Miles whips Burch into the ropes, but Burch hops up on the ropes and blasts him with a missile drop kick. Burch hits a running clothesline and kick to the jaw of Miles in the corner of the ring. He drops Miles and then Miles rolls out of the ring. Burch goes out and rolls him back in. As he goes for a big move, Miles hits a nice go-behind and rolls him up.1-2-3. He pulls off a big upset win.

Burch disputes the pin outside the ring with the ref as Miles stands a few feet away on the floor with his hands raised in victory. Miles goes up the ramp as Burch stands in disbelief. That’s how this week’s edition of WWE 205 Live goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

Winner: Tehuti Miles


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