WWE 205 Live Results - 6/12/2020

WWE 205 Live Results (6/12): Orlando, FL.

The WWE Cruiserweight division is back on display this evening, as WWE 205 Live returns with a new episode on the WWE Network immediately following the conclusion of this week’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown (6/12) show.

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On tap for this week’s WWE 205 Live is a pair of matches, including a six-man and tag-team bout, as opposed to the traditional one-on-one matches in recent weeks.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch will join forces to take on the trio of Jack Gallagher, Tony Nese and Tehuti Miles in six-man tag-team action, will Ever Rise returns with Chase Parker & Matt Martel looking to get into championship contention as they square off against the EVOLVE Wrestling duo of Leon Ruff & Adrian Alanis.

Featured below are our complete WWE 205 Live results from the June 12, 2020 episode.


This week’s show kicks off with the traditional weekly opening video package. After the weekly signature open wraps up, we shoot inside the building where we immediately get a camera shot of the entrance way, where Ever Rise’s logo is displayed.

Ever Rise (Chase Parker & Matt Martel) vs. Leon Ruff & Adrian Alanis

The theme song of Chase Parker and Matt Martel begins playing and Ever Rise makes their way out to the ring. As they finish up their ring entrance, we get our first glimpse of the commentary team of Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. Already in the ring are the opponents of Ever Rise — Leon Ruff and Adrian Alanis

Martel and Ruff kick things off for their respective teams. The Ever Rise member jumps off to an early offensive lead, and both guys eventually tag in their tag-team partners. Alanis and Parker come in and after Parker has a rough time with Alanis, he tags in Martel, who isn’t having much more luck.

Now Ruff tags in and picks up where Alanis left off, working over the arm of Martel, which was just softened up by Alanis. Martel makes the tag to Parker and now the team of Ever Rise is starting to take over and enjoy their first comfortable offensive lead. Martel yells out loudly as he continues to punish Ruff. Alanis tags in and within seconds takes the finisher from Ever Rise, who follow-up with the pin fall. 1-2-3 and it’s all over.

Winners: Ever Rise

Highlights Tell Story Of Tonight’s 6-Man Tag-Team Main Event

The announcers talk us through some highlights over the past few weeks of matches involving the team of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, and their respective matches in consecutive weeks against Tehuti Miles.

Also shown are highlights of Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeating Jack Gallagher on last Friday’s show, as well as “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese attacking him after his win due to frustration stemming from his own loss to Scott the week before.

All of that leads into tonight’s six-man tag-team match, which headlines tonight’s edition of WWE 205 Live. And that match is up next.

WWE Backlash & Undertaker: The Last Ride This Sunday

But first … we get a quick ad break including brief spots promoting this Sunday’s WWE Backlash pay-per-view and the subsequent Undertaker: The Last Ride (Chapter 4) — “The Battle Within” special that will follow on the WWE Network.

Recap Of El Hijo del Fantasma’s Big Reveal On NXT

We shoot back to the announce desk, where Graves and Saxton run down some recent NXT highlights, primarily focusing on El Hijo del Fantasma winning the Interim Cruiserweight Championship over Drake Maverick and then attacking him the next week, unmasking to reveal his new identity of Santos Escobar, as well as the identity reveal of Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Jack Gallagher, Tony Nese & Tehuti Miles

It’s now time for this week’s WWE 205 Live main event. The team of Tehuti Miles, Jack Gallagher and Tony Nese make their respective entrances first.

Out now are their opponents for this evening. Coming down to the ring first are the team of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Following that duo is the third man that will be standing across from Miles, Gallagher and Nese — and that is the one-and-only Isaiah “Swerve” Scott.

This week’s WWE 205 Live main event is up next. Kicking things off for their respective teams is Gallagher and Burch. Wait, no. Miles and Gallagher argue and it appears it will be Tehuti Miles starting things off for his team. He and Burch lock up and Burch throws Miles in the corner and taunts him.

He whips Miles against the ropes, drops him and blasts him with a kick. Frustrated, Miles tags in Tony Nese. Nese charges at Burch and Burch drop toe-holds him down and goes to work on him. Nese rolls out of the ring. Burch tags out. “Swerve” Scott is in now and going to work, punishing Nese with some grueling mat-based offense before tagging Burch back in. Now he tags Lorcan in for a duoble-team spot — a double atomic drop. Scott tags back in. Good quick tags being utilized by the team of Burch, Lorcan and Scott here in this six-man tag-team bout.

Finally, Nese manages to make it to his corner where he tags in Gallagher. The announcers are surprised to see Gallagher and Nese co-existing without issue thus far in the contest. With “Gentleman” Jack in the bout now, the heel trio are starting to take over, isolating Lorcan in their corner where they now utilize quick tags to keep fresh men on the grounded Lorcan, and executing double-team moves when advantageous.

Miles decides to tag himself in, much to the dismay of Gallagher. Lorcan manages to take advantage of the quick loss of focus, however it doesn’t last for long, as a wicked clothesline nearly takes Lorcan out of his boots. After getting turned inside-out by a monsterous clothesline, Lorcan finds himself glued to the mat with Miles working over his arm. Miles hits another big spot on Lorcan, drops a couple of elbows for good measure, stopping on the third to slick his hair back and brag to his teammates about taking care of business. He turns around and just like that, things change in the favor of Lorcan.

Lorcan blasts Miles and tags in “Swerve” Scott. Scott hits a big clothesline before doing a cool RVD-like modified rolling thunder spot. Scott tags Burch in and whips his partner into Miles in the corner. Burch then pushes Scott while he executed a dropkick, adding further momentum to the big shot from “Swerve” on Miles in the corner. Now he calls for Scott again but Nese yanks him off the apron, screwing things up for Burch. As Burch jaws at Nese, he is hit from behind and then Nese tags in and hits him from the front with a big kick for a close near fall.

Now we watch as Miles brags a bit too much for Nese and Gallagher’s liking. They tell him to finish this one by himself and leave. This leads to “Swerve” Scott hitting his finisher and scoring the pin and picking up the win for his team.

Winners: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan


We see some ads for the “WWE 24: Ric Flair – The Final Farewell” special, which is currently available for V.O.D. viewing on the WWE Network. Also shown is an ad for NXT TakeOver: In Your House, which is also available for V.O.D. viewing on the WWE Network.

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