WWE 205 Live Results (6/5/2020)

WWE 205 Live Results (6/5): Orlando, FL.

The WWE Cruiserweight division is back on display this evening, as WWE 205 Live returns with a new episode on the WWE Network immediately following the conclusion of this week’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown (6/5) show.

On tap for this week’s WWE 205 Live is a pair of matches pitting Isaiah “Swerve” Scott against Jack Gallagher, and Oney Lorcan going up against Tehuti Miles.

Featured below are our complete WWE 205 Live results from the June 5, 2020 episode.


The “WWE Then, Now & Forever” video airs followed by the regular weekly signature open for WWE’s weekly Cruiserweight-themed show on the WWE Network.

From there, we immediately shoot live on-camera at the announce table where Byron Saxton and Corey Graves welcome us to this week’s show. Graves talks about 205 Live being his favorite show.

Oney Lorcan (w/ Danny Burch) vs. Tehuti Miles

They talk about the outcome of the Cruiserweight tournament on WWE NXT earlier this week as Oney Lorcan makes his way down to the ring, accompanied by Danny Burch, for this week’s opening contest.

Out next is the man who defeated Lorcan’s partner, Burch, in the main event of last week’s 205 Live show — Tehuti Miles.. Highlights of Miles’ victory over Burch is shown as he finishes up his ring entrance.

The bell sounds and Lorcan and Miles lock-up to get this week’s WWE 205 Live officially underway inside the ring ropes of the squared circle. Lorcan takes Miles down and locks him up in a head-scissors. Miles escapes and showboats, leading to Lorcan eliciting screams of pain from Tehuti as he blasts him with repeated chops to the chest.

Lorcan whips Miles to the ropes, but he slides out the back-door to regroup and collect his thoughts. That doesn’t work out for him, as he gets distracted while jawing with Burch on the floor, leading to Lorcan blasting him from behind on the floor. Lorcan rolls him back in the ring, however within seconds, Miles has Lorcan down and is working over and focusing his early offensive run on the arm of Lorcan.

Miles blasts Lorcan in the grill with the edge of his boot, scraping the face of Lorcan before going back to work on him. The announcers put over the mean violent streak of Miles as he continues his onslaught by choking Lorcan with the ring ropes. The fans filling up some of the seats in the WWE Performance Center begin making some noise now as Miles keeps control over Lorcan. Corey Graves keeps singing his praises on commentary as well.

Tehuti Miles with Lorcan on the mat and is looking to hyper-extend the elbow of Lorcan with a tight arm-lock submission. He transitions to a different arm submission, a modified Fujiwara arm-bar on the mat which prompts Lorcan to scream out in pain. Finally, Miles returns to his feet and stomps away at Lorcan before chopping him and loudly asking him, “How’s that feel?!” He does it again and now we see Lorcan clearly visibly getting more and more angry.

Lorcan does his version of “Hulking” up, which features a series of powerful chops instead of clubbing punches ala The Hulkster, before closing in looking for the finish when out of nowhere, Miles rolls Lorcan up and yanks the tights on the pin attempt. Lorcan manages to kick out anyway and the cheap tactics that Miles used to secure the pinfall over Burch last week results in the two jawing at each other, leading to Lorcan rolling Miles up and apparently holding his tights too, but successfully, as he picks up the win and scores a measure of revenge for his partner Burch by defeating Tehuti Miles in this week’s opener.

Winner: Oney Lorcan

How This Week’s Main Event Was Set Up Last Week

We see some highlights from last week’s WWE 205 Live show where Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeated “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese, although “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher’s reaction to the match outcome, which was shown on the broadcast last week, shows that he was not impressed. The video highlights is building up our next in-ring showdown coming up in a few moments here on WWE 205 Live.

Randy Orton vs. Edge Promo For WWE Backlash

The video teaser trailer for “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” between former tag-team partners turned bitter rivals “The Rated R Superstar” Edge and “The Viper” Randy Orton airs to promote the upcoming WWE Backlash 2020 pay-per-view.

Isaish “Swerve” Scott vs. “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher

Now we hear the familiar sounds of the theme music of a growing popular star here on the WWE 205 Live scene — Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. After that the music fades, and “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher’s music cues up, as do the boo’s from those filling some of the seats inside the WWE Performance Center.

The bell sounds and here we go with our second match of the evening here at WWE 205 Live. “Swerve” Scott takes Gallagher down to the mat early on. The two reverse control and mix in some striking exchanges, with neither man establishing any real control of the offense thus far.

Now as Scott appears to be jumping off to the first real offensive run in the lead in this match, clever tactics from “Gentleman” Jack changes the momentum and turns things in his favor. Gallagher had Scott well-scouted, avoiding a move he was setting up and catching “Swerve” Scott coming after him with clever movement that led to Scott eating the ring post.

Back in the ring, Gallagher is looking supremely confident as he toys and teases with Isaiah Scott. “Swerve” is showing signs of life, blasting Gallagher with some punches and kicks. Gallagher blasts him back with a few shots but Scott takes back over and hits his House Call big spot on him, knocking Gallagher to the floor and leaving the announcers to question if he is even conscious.

Scott catches Gallagher coming leaping at him once the action returns inside the squared circle, but Scott caught him and made him pay for the attempt. Now Isaiah “Swerve” Scott comes leaping at Gallagher, but he falls right into a tight guillotine choke from “Gentleman” Jack. Jack wears Scott down to the mat with the choke and is tightening it up as Scott appears to be fading.

A burst of adrenaline comes out of nowhere for Scott, allowing him to escape from the hold. Jack, however, blasts Scott. Corey Graves feels Jack just knocked Scott’s lights out, questioning if this is the beginning of the end of Isaiah “Swerve” Scott.

The two end up fighting to the top rope and as they come off, Jack turns and rolls in mid-air, catching Scott on the way down with somewhat of a falling Superman punch, for lack of any sort of better term (and there are probably millions that would describe it better!)

Jack goes for a pin fall after a quick follow-up shot, but only gets two. Things are getting tense now as the pace picks up with both guys looking to get the finish in this one. Finally, that’s exactly what happens as Isaiah “Swerve” Scott catches “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher and gets the win to the dismay and disbelief of Jack Gallagher.

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

After The Match: Tony Nese Attacks Jack Gallagher

Once the match ends, Jack Gallagher, still upset at coming up short against Isaiah “Swerve” Scott in this week’s WWE 205 Live main event, is attacked as he is heading up the entrance ramp to head to the backstage area by his nemesis, “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese.

Nese beats Gallagher down and gloats and talks trash to wrap up things on this week’s show.

Replay of Finals of the Interim Cruiserweight Title Tournament

The WWE 205 Live announce team tell us to stay tuned, as the WWE Network is about to air an immediate replay of the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals between Drake Maverick and El Hijo del Fantasma from this past Wednesday night’s edition of NXT On USA.

That will do it for this week’s WWE 205 Live results coverage, we hope everyone enjoyed the show. We hope to see you all again here next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel, for the best WWE 205 Live results coverage on the web!


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