WWE 205 Live Results (7/17/2020)

WWE 205 Live Results (7/17/20): Orlando, FL.

The WWE Cruiserweight division is back on display this evening, as WWE 205 Live returns with a new episode on the WWE Network immediately following the conclusion of this week’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown (7/17/2020) show.

Featured below are our complete WWE 205 Live results from the July 17, 2020 episode.


After the regular video opener, we see the name Tehuti Miles flash across the titan tron screen as he makes his way down to the ring for the opening match on this week’s show.

Tehuti Miles vs. Mansoor

As he makes his entrance, we hear Vic Joseph and Drew Gulak on commentary for the final 205 Live leading into “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” on Sunday.

After a quick on-camera introduction from the commentary desk by Joseph and Gulak, we hear the theme of Mansoor, as he makes his way to the ring.

The music dies down, Mansoor does the Wanderlei Silva wrist-roll and then Miles quickly charges at him with kicks to start off in the offensive lead. Mansoor tries to chop his way back into the contest, but Miles uses his strength to remain in the lead.

Mansoor again tries scrambling back into the bout, but Miles puts the boots to him to keep him on the mat. The crowd at ringside cheers Mansoor on, and it seems to have an affect as he now fights his way into his first extended offensive run in the match.

Mansoor grounds Miles and slaps on a strong rear chin lock. They finally work back to their feet and we see Miles drop Mansoor on the floor outside the ring with a drop kick as he was in mid-air leap-frogging from the ring apron back into the ring. Afterwards, Miles goes out and rams Mansoor into the ring barricade a few times as we see replays of the aforementioned drop kick spot.

Mansoor tries chopping his way back into the bout, but Miles bashes him into the NHL-style protective glass shield protecting the 50 or so fans watching on inside the Performance Center. The action finally returns to the ring, where Miles remains in a comfortable lead. He nails Mansoor with a nice neck-breaker for a near fall before slapping a body-scissors on the ribs of Mansoor and grinding his forearm across his face. The fans try and rally behind Mansoor. It helps him reverse into a pin attempt, however Miles kicks out at two.

Miles regains the offensive lead with a flap-jack. Miles goes for the same drop-kick leap-frog cut-off spot that they showed replays of earlier, however this time the spot works out for Mansoor who hits a springboard cutter on Miles. This leads into a nice offensive run from Mansoor who clotheslines Miles down a few times and then executes a nice drop kick. He hits an inverted atomic drop into a spinebuster followed by his finisher for the pin fall victory.

Winner: Mansoor

Santos Escobar & Legado del Fantasma

We see Santos Escobar with Raul Mendoza and Joaquim Wilde, they toast each other and mock Drake Maverick for crying on YouTube to get his job back. Legado del Fantasma talks about being disrespected and out to prove they are true Lucha Libre artists. They break each others individual attributes down. “Sometimes you have to tear things down, to build them back up,” says the NXT Cruiserweight Champion before the trio toasts each other once again.

Tony Nese vs. Chase Parker

We see highlights of Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese in recent weeks, including the two working on the same page two weeks ago in tag-team action. From there, we see the ring entrance of said “Premier Athlete,” as Tony Nese makes his way down to the squared circle for this week’s WWE 205 Live main event.

After the ring entrance of Nese, we hear the familiar theme of Ever Rise, as Chase Parker makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Matt Martel. Both men enter the ring and pose together on the top turn buckle in the corner as the crowd inside the WWE PC reacts. The referee makes Martel head out to ringside, the bell sounds and the Nese-Parker match is now underway.

Nese quickly uses his strength advantage to rag-doll Parker down to the mat. He does a biceps pose to taunt his opponent before the two reset with a standing collar-lockup. Nese takes Parker down and uses mat wrestling to control the action in the early going. He slaps on a side head lock as Parker works his way back to a vertical base. Parker hits the ropes but Nese shoulder-blocks him back down with authority. He goes back to work with a half-nelson to the body of Parker with his legs. This turns into a pin attempt for Nese, and then directly into an arm-drag and standing arm-lock with Parker finally escaping once he pushes Nese into the corner.

Now the referee is distracted by Martel on the outside, however all this does is allow Parker to walk right into a perfectly timed back-elbow from “The Premier Athlete,” who was waiting for Parker to try and take advantage of the situation. Nese continues to control the action, going to work on the arm of Parker. Once again, Martel gets involved at ringside, however this time the distraction works to Parker’s advantage. The Ever-Rise member is now in full control of the offense in this one, as he goes to work focusing his attack on the arm of “The Premier Athlete.”

We see a close-up shot of fans at ringside clapping and rallying behind Nese in their COVID-19-friendly face-masks. Parker grounds Nese with a running bull-dog and goes back to work on his arm with an arm-lock and then several stomps on it before applying another isolated arm-lock on the softened limb of “The Premier Athlete.”

Nese backs Parker into the corner with great emphasis — twice — breaking free from the hold. He sends Parker flying with a throw when he tries another bull-dog. This leads to a run of offense featuring a lot of unique kicks and take downs from Nese, capped off by a nice springboard moonsault for a close near fall. Afterwards, we see replays of the beautiful moonsault spot from Nese.

“The Premier Athlete” goes for a big move, but Martel hops on the apron. Nese sends Parker into Martel, knocking him down to the floor. This sends Parker back into a big shot and finisher-follow-up from Nese for the 1-2-3 and the victory.

Winner: Tony Nese

After The Match: Ever-Rise Attacks, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott Makes The Save

After the match, Parker and Martel gang up on Nese for a two-on-one beat down of “The Premier Athlete.”

They put the boots to Nese and then set him up for their double-team finisher until Isaiah “Swerve” Scott hits the ring to make the save, continuing the unlikely alliance between longtime 205 Live rivals Nese and Scott as this week’s show goes off the air.

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WWE 205 LIVE (7/17/2020) REACTION

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