WWE Adds Another Move To Their Banned List

— Another move has been added to WWE’s ‘banned’ list – a powerbomb into the turnbuckles, also known as “bucklebombs”, according to pwinsider.com. In the past, this move effectively ended WWE Hall of Famer Sting’s career with the company after he was hit with the move by Seth Rollins several years ago. Sting suffered not only an injury but was then diagnosed with spinal stenosis, which could have made that spot a even more dangerous. More recently in April, Nia Jax powerbombed Kairi Sane into a turnbuckle but Sane fell short of the intended target and disaster was averted as Sane escaped without series injury despite the scary looking nature of the spot.

— While this move is no longer authorized by WWE officials to use in-ring, it’s still possible that it could be brought back at a later date. Rollins’ stomp and the shooting star press were two moves that were previously banned but has since been re-instated while others, like the piledriver pretty much remain banned.

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