Jade Cargill

WWE/AEW News: Jade Cargill’s Contract Has Expired; Will Report to Performance Center Next Week

As previously reported, former AEW star Jade Cargill’s contract has expired, and it’s widely anticipated that she will soon make a move to WWE. PWInsider.com has revealed that sources within WWE have confirmed Cargill’s expected presence at the company’s Performance Center in Orlando in the upcoming week. However, it remains uncertain whether she will initially work in NXT or make a direct transition to one of the main roster brands, such as Raw or Smackdown.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer shared insights into Cargill’s status with WWE. According to Meltzer, WWE insiders believe she is on her way to the company, and the expectation is that she will join the main roster rather than starting in developmental. However, it’s worth noting that the deal had not been finalized as of press time. While Cargill possesses a star-worthy appearance and impressive athleticism, her skill level and experience may not yet match those of established main roster female talents. Nonetheless, experienced workers in WWE are known for making less-experienced but marketable talents shine, which could be a factor in her potential WWE debut. One source within WWE described this development as somewhat unexpected but indicated that Cargill’s arrival is anticipated.

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