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WWE Airs Cryptic Glitch Video Clip On Raw; Rumors Of Return of Uncle Howdy

— During a Bronson Reed promo on WWE programming, viewers were treated to a cryptic message reminiscent of the “White Rabbit” vignettes from 2022, which heralded the return of Bray Wyatt. The screen briefly glitched out, displaying a fleeting “hello.” in the bottom right corner before vanishing. Additionally, before Raw concluded for the night, the broadcast featured the song “Nightbird” by Marti Amado, accompanied by dimmed lights before returning to normal.

— Speculation abounds that this could be the initial hint of a series of teasers paving the way for the return of the Uncle Howdy character, portrayed by Wyatt’s brother, Bo Dallas. The word “hello” is seen by some as a potential synonym for “howdy,” further fueling the speculation. There are also rumors circulating about the possible involvement of returning stars like Erick Rowan and Alexa Bliss in this storyline.

— In a recently released Bray Wyatt documentary, Bo Dallas expressed his desire to uphold his brother’s legacy. Intriguingly, the documentary’s conclusion featured a vignette showing a similar video glitch, with Uncle Howdy seemingly standing behind Wyatt’s lantern, hinting at a possible return of the character.

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