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WWE Already Makes Changes Regarding WWE Network “Free Tier,” 30-Day Trial Issues

With WWE launching a new “free tier” for the WWE Network earlier this week, the 30-day free trial that was offered to potential new customers is gone.

The wording when subscribing now reads as follows:

“WWE Network subscriptions are billed in advance and recur monthly. Billing starts on the date you subscribe or reactivate your account subscription, and re-bill on the same day each month until cancellation.”

The new free tier – which includes recent episodes of WWE TV as well as select PPVs and specials – essentially replaces the free month and is meant to promote the network and potentially convert those customers into paying ones.

While the free month for new subscribers has been scrapped for now, it seems the company is reserving the right to bring it back during “high traffic times” such as before WrestleMania, according to f4wonline.com.

This would allow WWE to try to pump up subscriber numbers during their most important quarter and report those figures during the Q1 conference call that normally takes place in April.


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