WWE Announces Their 2023 Performance Center Spring Rookie Class Recruits

During this past Tuesday night’s episode of WWE NXT, the company announced their 9 latest Performance Center Spring 2023 Rookie Class recruits, which have begun their training at the WWE PC in Orlando.

Below is the list of WWE’s latest Performance Center Class recruits, along with a video of these 2023 Spring Rookie Class recruits:

– Ezekiel Balogun = 6-foot-6 and 226 pounds, Nigerian-born multi-sport athlete from the University of North Florida.

– Vlad Pavlenko = multi-time All-American athlete with a degree in engineering from Iowa State. Known for his hammer throw, was a finalist in the 2021 U.S. Olympic trials.

– Hunter Smallback = former Division I defensive end football player for Stetson University. Outdoorsman from Orlando.

– Coy Wanner = 6-foot-4 and 235 pounds, former Division I tight end football player for the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

– Adrezej Hughes-Murray = former state champion wrestler and three-time team captain, linebacker football player for Oregon State before signing with the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams.

– Kevin Robertson = former Division I defensive lineman football player for Temple University.

– Melanie Brzezinski = singer, actress, boxer, bodybuilder, CrossFit athlete with a black belt in karate. from the University of Tampa.

– Tylynn Register = professional rodeo champion, former Division I track & field athlete from Jacksonville State University.

– Alexis Gray = sprinter, represented the Bahamas national team before going to Texas A&M University.

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