WWE Attempted to Bring Back Saraya/Paige Before She Signed With AEW

– Saraya/Paige made a surprise debut with AEW last month after a decade-plus run in WWE ending over the summer when the company chose not to renew her contract. reports that Saraya’s status with WWE wasn’t as “cut and dry” as it appeared as she was originally allowed to walk under the Vince McMahon regime while under Triple H’s leadership there was significant interest in bringing her back.

– The report adds that when McMahon and John Laurinaitis chose not to re-sign her to a new deal, Saraya went public with her tweet indicating that she would be leaving but when Triple H came into power, not only was she offered a new contract, but an invitation was extended for her to become the new “General Manager” – a similar role to what she once held in WWE after suffering another neck injury. It also made clear to her that if she wished to return to the ring, the new leadership team would “make that happen” with their team of medical professionals. Triple H himself was reportedly shocked that the old regime didn’t renew or extend her deal with WWE so there was a lot of effort – ultimately unsuccessful – exerted into getting her back into the organization.

– Conversely, under Vince McMahon’s regime, there was almost no interest at all in seeing Saraya back in the ring and contrary to rumors that suggested WWE sent her to numerous doctors to get cleared, it turns out that they didn’t send her to anyone and even refused to sign off on something simple as having X-Rays taken. Instead, Saraya was working independently to gain clearance, undergoing three “extensive health checks” to obtain the necessary approvals.

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