Vince McMahon Pissed Off At Arn Anderson

WWE Begins Relaxing More Conditions After Vince’s Departure; Two Words Unbanned

— It has previously been reported that several guidelines are being loosened within WWE after Vince McMahon’s departure and Triple H moving up to run the company’s talent and creative divisions. In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was noted that “wrestling” and “wrestler” are two words that are no longer considered “dirty words” within WWE.

— Under Vince McMahon, those two words were banned from being spoken on air, instead being replaced by the terms “sports entertainment” and “sports entertainer” in recent years. Talent agreed that the ban being lifted on “wrestler” and “wrestling” was a good move. Under the more relaxed atmosphere led by Triple H, other changes were also highlighted including a belief backstage that the women’s division would be more of a focus.

— Other words that have been banned in WWE include: blood, choke, belt, strap, diva, head shot, trauma, kayfabe, Mofos, house show, DQ, The Anti-Diva, spinal injuries, victim, violence, violent, wrestling, wrestlers, WWF, wifebeater, curb stomp, strangle, kill, murder and wrestling lingo such as push, being over, babyface, heel, job, jobber and card. It’s unclear which, if any, of these words will also be given approval to be used moving forward.

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