WWE The Bump Full Recap: (6/2/21)

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for a recap of the WWE YouTube show, The Bump! Today’s edition of the show is full of guests, including Bret Hart, Tyson Kidd, The Way, and Michael Hayes. Now that we’re all caught up on what’s going down, let’s take a look at The Bump!

WWE The Bump (6/2/2021)

⁃ Kayla kicks off today’s show by telling viewers “we’re gonna have a good time”, and she runs down the list of guests that’ll be on the show today.
⁃ The rest of The Bump crew joins the show, and they all share their thoughts on the latest WWE happenings, until Kayla brings on the first two guest’s.

Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell

The NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions join the The Bump crew, and Kayla kicks off the interview by asking how each woman is feeling. Candice talks about the momentum the team has had as of late, and mentions “we’re focused. We’re unstoppable. A focused Indi Hartwell is unstoppable.” Matt shows both ladies a clip from last night’s NXT, and asks Candice why she hates 80’s music. LeRae explains “we don’t have time for that. If that’s what you wanna do at home, that’s ok…” Ryan jumps in, and brings up Candice’ “disdain” for Poppy. LeRae gets upset, and explains “her choice in friends is questionable, and honestly, I just don’t call that music. She is overrated and decent, at best.” Ryan follows up, and asks about the moment when The Way won the titles. Candice tells Ryan “I thought this day might not come, and when it did, it was very unreal. I did shed a few tears with Indi.” Kayla rejoins the conversation, and she shows Indi a clip of a few kind words Tyson Kidd had about Indi Hartwell, during a past edition of The Bump. Indi responds to those comments, and tells The Bump crew “it’s crazy how life comes full circle. I looked up to Naty and Tyson Kidd. It’s crazy to think I’m a champion in WWE at the same time as Natalya.” Evan chimes back in, and he wonders who is on The Way’s radar. Indi tells him “we are done with Ember and Shotzi, so anyone who wants to step up.” Ryan asks another question, and he brings up Gargano’s new headband. Candice says “I think he sleeps in that thing… he actually tried to force us to wear one, but he doesn’t realize it will mess up our hair.” Kayla thanks both ladies for stopping by, and the first interview segment of the day is in the books.

⁃ After The Way makes their “way” out, Ryan heads over to the “big board”.
⁃ Matt mentions that Austin Theory will battle Oney Lorcan next week on NXT, before another guest arrives.

Michael Hayes

Kayla steps away from The Bump crew for an exclusive interview with one of the Freebird’s, and she seems excited about it. Michael has something behind his back, and it’s a change of wardrobe, which he hands to Kayla… Kayla comes back strutting around in a leather jacket and sunglasses, and Hayes tells her “now we can start the interview!” Kayla kicks things off by asking about how The Freebirds started as a team, and Michael explains “we rock and rolled all over this world!” Kayla wonders how the Freebird rule came to be, and he says “it actually wasn’t my idea… It was Ole Anderson, that was his idea.” Kayla asks Hayes to take viewers back to the battles with The Von Erich’s, and Michael says “it was just one of the biggest roller coaster rides I’ve had in my life. I will never forget it.” Kayla brings up that the Freebirds are now in the WWE Hall of Fame, and Michael explains “when it didn’t happen in Atalanta, I didn’t think it would ever happen. When I got the call, man I had tears in my eyes.” Kayla asks one final question, and she wants to know what Michael hopes the “lasting legacy is of the freebirds” will be. Michael responds, and tells Kayla “I just hope that everyone will realize how close we were, and still are. We have parties together still, and the summertime golf classic, so it wasn’t just an act on tv. We are brothers, and that’s what took us to where we are now.” Kayla brings the interview to a close, and Michael says “why don’t we see what it would look like if you were actually a free bird”, so a photoshopped clip of Kayla standing beside the group pops up. How cool.

⁃ When the crew comes back, Kayla brings in another Hall of Famer.

Bret Hart

The Hart Foundation member joins the host’s, and Kayla says “we couldn’t celebrate tag team week without you.” Kayla asks how Bret is feeling, and he says “everything is good. No one close to me has been affected by covid, so yeah I’m good.” Matt shows Hart a clip of his upcoming A&E documentary, and Bret responds. “The Hitman” tells the Bump Crew “I’m really excited about that, I’m getting nervous. All the ones that came before mine have been exceptional. I’m excited about people getting a chance to hear two hours of my story.” Evan gets right down to business, and asks Bret how The Hart Foundation came together. Bret tells Evan “once we formed The Hart Foundation, we really combined so many good qualities together. We used to be kind of like the Porsche and the tank. He could work with the big guys, and I could work with the small guys. We could wrestle any tag team! Jim was so fun to be around.” Ryan brings up that the group “had the full package”, and mentions Jimmy Hart. Bret says “Jimmy was a cheerleader, and he was the best cheerleader we could have had. We were bland in the beginning, but when he joined, he made us ‘the team’, and he believed in us.” Matt rejoins the conversation, and he wants to know how the “Hart Attack” maneuver was developed. Bret explains “where it really came from was one of my past finishing moves in Calgary. The move really showed our versatility. We were a special team who could go with anybody, and there was just no team we couldn’t work with”. After Bret’s response, Tyson Kidd joins his uncle, and they talk about The Hart Dynasty, as well as Naty and Tamina. Kayla brings up the moment when Tyson embraced Tamina backstage, and Tyson explains “I remember meeting her, and she ends up getting signed the same day. We wrestled The Uso’s for weeks, at the time, and I had to train Tamina on the job. She has been a project of mine, in the greatest sense of the word.” Kayla brings things back to family related things, and asks Bret for his initial thoughts of Kidd as a wrestler. Brett says “Tyson had a great understanding of how to put a match together. It’s all about placement, and timing. Some people have it, and some people don’t, but Tyson had a gift for it right away.” Kayla thanks Bret for stopping by, and he leaves with a smile.

Tyson Kidd

Once Brett makes his exit from the show, Tyson Kidd sticks around for a moment. Evan shows Tyson a clip of himself training, and Tyson explains “I didn’t know if I would be able to train others, like I do now, but it was learning process for me. I shadowed so many great people like Michael Hayes, and Bret, as well as Jamie Noble. Somehow someway I fell into this role, and I love it. It is so much bigger than my own career, and it’s not even close.” Kayla brings up tag team partners, and Tyson tells Kayla “if a team goes a while, you might not really be friends anymore after that, you may get annoyed with each other… but I found alot of success having a bigger partner than me.” After a few questions, Tyson plays a game with the crew, until Kayla sends him on his way.

⁃ Once Tyson leaves, it’s time for a quick Wednesday Morning Wakeup segment.
⁃ After RJ City wraps up his short segment, the crew runs down a list of guests for next week. The guests are: Pete Dunne, Ember Moon, MSK, and Ted Dibiase.
⁃ Jake Atlas joins the show to talk briefly about Pride month.
⁃ The Bump Crew plugs tomorrow’s episode of NXT UK, and the show comes to a close.

That’s all for this weeks episode of The Bump! Thanks for stopping by the recap, and have a great rest of your day everyone.

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